Bowls major pairs get rolling

Grant Lambert at Forbes Sports and Recreation Club.
Grant Lambert at Forbes Sports and Recreation Club.

Three games of Major Pairs were played over the weekend and it’s good to see members playing their games before the play on or before date. 

Sid Morris and Ray Dunstan proved too good at the end and defeated Danny Cassidy and Ron Thurlow 27-22. Danny and Ron levelled the scores at the 19th end, 22 all but Sid and Ray scored on the last two ends to win the game.

John Baass and Don Craft were defeated 23-22 by Scott MacKellar and Tony Bratton. Scott and Tony led for most of the game and at the 18th end led 23-18, they then stopped scoring but John and Don were not good enough to pick up the necessary shots to win.

In the other game Christian West and Laurie Crouch proved too good for Bob Grant and Cliff Nelson running out winners 27-19.

There was a good roll-up on Wednesday morning. Christian West and Laurie Crouch def Scott MacKellar and Jim Maloy. Peter MacKay, Barry Shine and Fred Vogelsang had a win against Kerry Dunstan, Bill O Connell and Lyall Strudwick. Mark Toohey and Trevor Currey def Dennis Byrnes and Geoff Williams and in the last Game John Gorton and Cliff Nelson had a win against Sid Morris and Barry Wright.

The winners on Thursday morning were Brian Asimus and Viv Russell with a 23-18 win against Christian West and Laurie Crouch. The runners-up was an 18-all draw between Max Vincent and Alan Smith playing John Baass and John Kennedy.

In the other games, Bob Grant and Cliff Nelson defeated Grant Lambert and Lyall Strudwick 24-10 and in the last game Cheree Vincent, Scott MacKellar and Tony Bratton had a 27-11 win against Graham Mowbray, Peter MacKay and Ron Thurlow.

The jackpot was not won.

A fine morning on Sunday bought 30 bowlers out to play. The good bowlers with resters were Graeme West, Brian Asimus and Barry Anderson. The winning rink went to Cliff Nelson and Russell Hodge. The losing rink went to Barry Anderson and Graeme West who were defeated by the winners. The stipes are looking into how the same card came out twice.