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Cracking Cricket: Charlie Francis in wicket keeper in Saturday's final rounds of the local junior cricket competition. More in Friday's edition.

Cracking Cricket: Charlie Francis in wicket keeper in Saturday's final rounds of the local junior cricket competition. More in Friday's edition.

Ladies Bowls

Our pennant players are doing us proud with two more overall wins last week. The game played on Tuesday saw Annette’s team with a win and Leisa’s team having a draw with the team from the Parkes Railway against stiff competition at home and on Thursday the ladies travelled to play against Parkes Town team.

This game saw Annette’s team once again having a comfortable win and Leisa’s team coming up short but the girls winning overall. None of these games are easy and well done to all the players. They are halfway through and now will play all these teams once more.

We had two rinks playing social triples last week with Anne Nixon, Margaret O’Connell and Colleen Liebich  losing to Colleen Dean, Lesley Dunstan and Pat Hodson who were the winning rink of the day and Robyn Mattiske, Deanna Williams and Glenys Ryan defeating  Loris Stewart, Irene Reilly and Noela Girot.

Lesley Dunstan was the lucky winner of the meat tray. Our game tomorrow will have some tuition given on the art of marking a game and will be very useful for our newer players as well as our social games.

The selection committee now have the book open for the major pairs competition so ladies select a partner and put your names in the book so games can be organised. The Orange Newstead Club have invited us to a fun day of bowls on March 22 so anyone interested in going please let us know tomorrow. We welcome anyone who would like to have a game just ring in your name to play social bowls between 8.30am and 9am for a 9.30am start and you will be in a team. 

-by Colleen Liebich


Profound apologies go to Dorelle Scott who won three games on Tuesday, February 27 and did not get a mention. Well done Dorelle. In the interests of fairness and because Anne obviously can’t count to three, there will be no further reports of clean sweepers. Tuesday, March 12 saw a good number of members attend the birthday lunch held at the Post Office Hotel. Friday, March 16 marks the beginning of Seniors Week for Forbes residents. Members are encouraged to attend the activities provided.

Golf Croquet Result. March 6: John H. Browne, Mary Hodges 7, defeated Joan Littlejohn, Jill Rubie 6. Colleen Liebich, Dorothea Croker 9, defeated John MacCullagh, John Brown 4. Harley Stewart, Veva MacCullagh 8, defeated Dorelle Scott, Lorna Field 5. Bob Murray, Alec Todd 8, defeated Libby Smart, Lorraine Todd 5. Elvy Quirk, Bill Scott 8, defeated Brad Stewart, Jeff Liebich 5. Bruce Field, Neville Morrison 8, defeated Merv Langfield, John Allegri 5. Barry White, Jane Hanbury 9, defeated Evelyn Mahlo, Kathleen Broderick 4. John Cole, John Job 8, defeated Pat Stewart, Kevin Rubie 5. Bruce Field, Jeff Liebich 11, defeated Lorna Field, Bob Murray 2. Libby Smart, Veva MacCullagh 8, defeated John Cole, Evelyn Mahlo 5. John H. Browne, Merv Langfield 9, defeated Harley Stewart, John Job 4. John MacCullagh, Kevin Rubie 8, defeated Joan Littlejohn, Jane Hanbury 5. Dorelle Scott, Dorothea Croker 7, defeated Mary Hodges, John Job 6. Bill Scott, Colleen Liebich 7, defeated Barry White, Neville Morrison 6. John Allegri, Brad Stewart 11, defeated Kathleen Broderick, Jill Rubie 2. John H. Browne, Joan Littlejohn 8, defeated Libby Smart, Lorna Field 5. John Cole, Bill Scott 9, defeated Jill Rubie, Jeff Liebich 4. Dorelle Scott, Harley Stewart 9, defeated Colleen Liebich, Evelyn Mahlo 4. Kathleen Broderick, John Job 7, defeated John MacCullagh, John Brown 6. Merv Langfield, Bruce Field 9, defeated Neville Morrison, Jane Hanbury 4. Veva MacCullagh, Mary Hodges 8, defeated Lorraine Todd, John Allegri 5. Kevin Rubie, Dorothea Croker 7, defeated Barry White, Brad Stewart 6. Alec Todd 7, defeated Bob Murray 6.

Aussie Croquet Results March 10: Tony Thomson, Roslyn Rennick 14, defeated Libby Smart, Kathleen Broderick 10. John Allegri, Merv Langfield 14, defeated Judy Ellis, Bill Scott 5. John H. Browne, Elizabeth McLean 14, defeated Lorraine Todd, Jeff Liebich 8. Jill Rubie, Robin Pols 14, defeated John MacCullagh, Harley Stewart 10. Dorothea Croker, John Cole 14, defeated Dorelle Scott, Joan Littlejohn 11. Colleen Clifton, Colleen Liebich 14, defeated Veva MacCullagh, Elvy Quirk 11. Kevin Rubie 14, defeated Bruce Field, Bob Murray 13. Elizabeth McClean, Jeff Liebich 14, defeated Bruce Field, Dorelle Scott 10. Colleen Liebich, John Cole 14, defeated Colleen Clifton, John MacCullagh 13. Kevin Rubie, John Allegri 14, defearted Elvy Quirk, Merv Langfield 13. Bill Scott, Jill Rubie 14, defeated Lorraine Todd, Kathleen Broderick 10. Libby Smart, Veva MacCullagh 14, defeated Bob Murray, Harley Stewart 13. Judy Ellis, Joan Littlejohn 14, defeated Dorothea Croker, Tony Thomson 12. Robin Pols, Roslyn Rennick 14, defeated John H.Browne 12. Elvy Quirk, John Cole 14, defeated Jill Rubie, Roslyn Rennick 9. Tony Thomson, Colleen Liebich 14, defeated John H. Browne, Veva MacCullagh 11. Bruce Field, Jeff Liebich 14, defeated John MacCullagh, Elizabeth McClean 10. John Allegri, Robin Pols 14, defeated Libby Smart, Judy Ellis 11. Joan Littlejohn, Lorraine Todd 14, defeated Kevin Rubie 10. Dorelle Scott, Colleen Clifton 14, defeated Bill Scott, Kathleen Broderick 12. Harley Stewart, Bob Murray 14, defeated Dorothea Croker, Merv Langfield 12.

Bogan Gate Golf

We are back! The 2018 Golf Season is due to commences the end of this month with the Men and Ladies playing their competitions on the same day. Bogan Gate Club AGM was held last Saturday and following is the committee for 2018. President, Ron Boness, Secretary, Robert McIntyre. The treasure is Steve Edwards  and the Captain Donal McKeowen. New Members are welcome, annual fees at a low $90, so if you are looking for a change try our friendly club. 


The disappointment felt by supporters when Double Halo became a last minute scratching at Condobolin was forgotten when the veteran galloper led most of the way on Saturday to win the 1400 metres Liberty Rural-Tottenham Picnic Cup. A bus load of owners and fans had travelled from Gilgandra to see Double Halo attempt a third successive win in the Condobolin Picnic Cup however the ten year old gelding became fractious in the barriers and had to be withdrawn.

-by Colin Hodges