Adrian Hodges tops Memorial shoot

Mrs Jan Bradley with her grandson Cliff and Adrian Hodges, winner of the Cliff Bradley Memorial trophy.

Mrs Jan Bradley with her grandson Cliff and Adrian Hodges, winner of the Cliff Bradley Memorial trophy.

Results of the Forbes S.S.A.A. sporting shooters .22 calibre rimfire rifle shoot  on Wednesday March 7. The weather was warm with a north easterly breeze at 18kph.

Range officers and Scorers: John Dean and Bruce Runchel. 

Buffalo target shoot over 25metres: Ian Keene, 269/270; Ken Morley, 268/270; Norm Haley, 268/270; Bruce Runchel, 264/270; John Dean, 263/270; Allan Jones, 262/270; Lionel Redfern, 262/270; Norm Brook, 257/270; Dennis Finn, 246/270; David Sanderson, 236/270; Barbara Brook, 226/270 and  Anthony Bratton, 190/270.

Fox target shoot over 50 metres: Ian Keene, 247/250; Bruce Runchel, 247/250; Ken Morley, 246/250; John Dean, 240/250; Dennis Finn, 239/250; Lionel Redfern, 230/250; Norm Haley, 222/250; Norm Brook, 222/250; David Sanderson, 219/250; Barbara Brook, 209/250 and  Anthony Bratton, 168/250. 

Feral Cat target shoot over 75 metres: Ian Keene, 105/120; Lionel Redfern, 102/120; Ken Morley, 100/120; John Dean, 100/120; Dennis Finn, 100/120; Bruce Runchel, 98/120; David Sanderson, 97/120 and Norm Haley,84/120.  

The winner of the Cliff Bradley Memorial Trophy shoot on Sunday March 11 was Adrian Hodges on 65 points. Other scores were; Sean McCarthy 64; Phil Cleal  62; Matthew Dent 62; Gary Spry 61; Leigh Dridan 58; David Mitton 58; Stephen Cooper 52; Thomas Slater 51; Laurie Redfern 49; David Coleman 48; Norm Brook 45; Paul Baker 41; Phil Picker 29; Wayne Taylor 24; David Morrison 19; Anthony Bratton 13; Matthew Fraser 12.

There were 17 shooters in attendance for the 75 target handicap field shoot Sunday March 11. The weather was hot with a south easterly wind.

First in A grade; Sean McCarthy (Fbs hcp A7) 21-19-16 total 56 hcp total 77; Second in A grade; Matthew Dent (Fbs hcpA5) 22-20-17 total 59 hcp total74. Other A grade scores were; Laurie Redfern, (Fbs hcp A5) 22-16-18 total 56 hcp total 71; Stephen Cooper (Caragabal hcpA5) 17-15-16 total 49 hcp total 63.

First in B grade; Norm Brook, (hcp B8) 17-18-17 total 52 hcp total 76; Second in B grade; Garth Gault (Caragabal hcp B8) 18-14-17 total 49 hcp total 73; on a coin toss from Anthony Bratton (hcp B8) 12-20-17 total 49 hcp total 73; other B grade scores were; Adrian Hodges (fbs hcp B8) 16-15-16 total 47 hcp total 71; David Mitton (Fbs hcp B8) 13-15-18 total 46 hcp total 70; Phil Cleal (Fbs hcp B9) 13-13-14 total 40 hcp total 67; Phil Picker (Fbs hcpB8) 14-13-14 total 41 hcp total 65; Gary Spry (Fbs hcpB10) 10-12-13 total 35 hcp total 65.

First in C grade; David Coleman (Fbs hcp C14) 16-11-16 total 43 hcp total 85; Second in C grade; Leigh Dridan (Condobolin hcpC11) 16-17-19 total 52 hcp total 85; David Coleman won on a coin toss. Other C grade scores were; Paul Baker (Fbs hcp C11) 15-14-11 total 40 hcp total 73; Thomas Slater (Queensland hcpC14) 11-7-9 total 27 hcp total 69; David Morrison (Fbs hcp C14) 9-7-9 total 25 hcp total 67.

The next shoot for the sporting clay's will be the monthly shoot with a 50 target night shoot on Saturday  April 7 at 6:30pm, nominations to be in by 6pm.

On Sunday April 8, a 100 target handicap field shoot will be held starting at 9:30am, 

For information on clay target shooting contact Norm Brook on 0458664541 or Tony Bratton on 68523349.

Anyone wishing to obtain a long arm firearm licence can contact Wayne Facey on 0414524059 or Norm Brook.

The next .22 calibre and other rimfire rifle (.22 magnum or .17HMR) shoot will be Sunday March 18 at 10am. The next Wednesday shoot is on March 21 at 3pm.

For information on .22 calibre rimfire shooting contact: Wayne Facey or Norm Brook.