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Yum: World Croquet Day celebrated May 8 . Dorothea Croker and Bruce Field
our most Senior members cutting the cake

Yum: World Croquet Day celebrated May 8 . Dorothea Croker and Bruce Field our most Senior members cutting the cake

Women’s Bowls

Nice Rolling: Minor Pairs played by  L-R Colleen Dean and Deanna Williams.

Nice Rolling: Minor Pairs played by L-R Colleen Dean and Deanna Williams.

We saw a nice group of ladies on the greens last week with two games of triples and one game of pairs played socially

We also had our first game of Minor Singles with Colleen Dean and Deanna Williams playing the first round. Deanna was playing in  her first competition and she played every shot like a champion until Colleen started to take her game to the next level to close the gap but Deanna persisted and won the game 25-18 Well done!

Jan Waugh Anne Walker and Margaret O’Connell were the winners of the rink for the day defeating Colleen Liebich Judy Kerr and Anne Nixon and Pam Stevens( Loris Stewart Ann Mackay sharing a game) and Lyn Elliott defeated Kay Toohey Jill Taylor and Robyn Mattiske The pairs game resulted in a win for Noela Girot and Leslie Dunstan defeating Glenys Ryan and Carmel Murray

Some of our ladies were playing the Central West District Pairs competition held at Parkes last week and Annette Tisdell and Leisa Burton finished in second place Congratulations!

Birthdays celebrated recently were Jean Coffey (our Patron) Pam Stevens  Judy Kerr and Kay Toohey  Jill Taylor was the lucky winner again for the meat tray.

Tomorrow we will see more Minor Singles matches with Lesley Dunstan versus Elyssa Cunningham and Kay Toohey versus Glenys Ryan.

A committee meeting will also be held after lunch and we will have a spider competition.

Just a reminder to all that our annual subs are due by 31st May and payable to Dawyn Harvey our Treasurer.

Social Bowls will also be played so ring your name in to the club between 9.00am and 9.30am and you will be in a team Looking forward to seeing you all for a 10am start.

-by Colleen Liebich

Vet’s Golf

Despite the threat of rain in chilly conditions last Thursday 29 veteran golfers from Forbes and Parkes played the weekly 12 hole competition on the Parkes layout where scoring overall was quite good.

Parkes players took the awards with best being Rod Luyt with 26 points from John Pearce runner-up with 25 points on a count-back from Forbes' Ross Williams.

Barry Parker did pick up an ward for the Forbes club going home with the Bradman Award. In the Mick Miller Shield, Parkes on top with 145 points to Forbes' 134.

Ball sweep to 22 points – 25 Ross Williams (F), 24 Geoff Coles (F), Dale Stait (P), Dub Rodgers (P), 23 Ian Phipps (P), Chris Goodie (P), Michael Lynch (P), Casara Belley (P), 22 Peter Barnes (F), Milton Cartwright (F), Ted Morgan (F), David Williams (F).

Nearest the pins - 4th A grade Alf Davies (F), B grade Chris Goodie (P), 11th A grade Dale Stait (P), B grade nil.

Thursday will see Lachlan Valley veteran golfers converge on the hilltop course of Grenfell for the monthly 18 hole competition which is sure to test players of all skills.

Terry Shannon showed his best form for some time to win the Tuesday comp last week with 32 points from co-organiser Geoff Coles on 31 points,

An indication to the popularity of the Tuesday 12 hole competition 19 players paid up last week, and best of all it is on again today with ball toss at 9.30am for playing partners. Young and old, male and female all invited to play this very social outing.

Golfers and friends of Fred and Di Collie are invited to the 'Golfie' Hotel on Saturday afternoon from around 5pm to wish the very popular couple all the best in their move from Forbes to a new venture 'baby sitting' motels and hospitality outlets.

Knowing Fred and some of his mates there are sure to be some juicy stories told and reasons for plenty of laughter.

For all news on golf in Forbes contact the Pro Shop on 6851 1554.

-by Short Putts Mate.

Weekly Squash 

Our Winter Comp began Wednesday evening May 9. A warm welcome back to Gaylene and Kacey Nightingale from Parkes, locals Sandy Paterson, Gabe Miller McMillan and Sarah Jane Miller. A special welcome also to new recruits; Simon Flynn, Krishne Buddhika and Tasmyn King.

I hope I haven’t missed anyone. It’s great to have you all aboard. Wednesday’s division has six teams of four players. Some notable first night highlights were; Sub Pete Cowhan snatched a game from Wayne Bilsborough while George Falvey was gallant but lost to Alister Carlsisle 0–3 then backed up to sub and beat Ben Barnard 3–0.

Neil Toole had a marathon match with Ethan Gaffney but lost the fifth set 11–15 and Tom Cormie had a comfy win over Krishne Buddhika. Team Results Were: Court One; W Bilsboroughs (8) lost to Millers (20) Wayne beat sub P Cowhan 3–1, sub P Cormie lost to W Wallace 0–3, G Miller McMillan lost to C Toole 0–3. Court Two; Allegris (14) tied D Bilsboroughs (14) Brendon beat Danny 3–0, E Stewart lost to A Gordon 0–3, H Toole lost to S Tottenham 0–3, Coombs (12) lost to Roaches (16) Nathan beat Graham 3–0. P Cormie lost to C Toole 1–3, T Cormie beat K Buddhika 3–0.    

Thursday night, which has six teams of six competitors, was well attended; all matches were played with only one substitute required. Highest scoring team was Pipers with 26 points while the lowest was Kings on 16. I can’t remember when Darryn Piper lost a game, let alone a match and Sandy Paterson won a quiet, tidy game against Pete Thompson 15–10, 15–10, 15–10.

Alex Doyle, Brendon Allegri and Dave Hodges had well earnt five set wins against Kyle Sharpe, Mitch Doyle and Mark Webb respectively. Team Results Were: Court One; Hornerys (18) lost to Dawes (24) Oli beat Sam 3–0, sub C McQuie lost to D Haynes 0–3, A Bailey lost to G Coombs 0–3, B Thomas beat T King 3–0, S Tottenham lost to R Madge 2–3. Court Two; Pipers (26) defeated Kings (16) Darryn beat Richard 3–0, C McQuie lost to D Bailey 1–3, A Gordon beat G Nightingale 3–0, S Gordon beat G Falvey 3–0. Court Three; Sharpes (20) lost to Doyles (22) B Allegri beat M Doyle 3–2, S Webb beat J Betland 3–1, B Acret beat K Nightingale 3–0, S Mackay lost to D Bryant 0–3, K Bryant lost to L Stibbard 0–3.

Just a few points. Could everyone please remember their garments when leaving as they do tend to accumulate over time. Its only fair if we all do our share of scoring and refereeing. Please inform someone if you will be late. Looks like being a great comp, have fun.   

-by Drop Shot!

Indoor bowls.

What a great afternoon of bowls Wilma had not played for a couple of weeks and was a bit rusty to start with. Wilma was the first on Wednesday to take the jack off and give four shots away.

We all complained about the sun shining on the floor we could not see were to bowl it was the same for every one.Winners for the day Sandy Hepburn just won by one point from Wilma in Sandy;steam he had Lizand Betty McGrath two wins one lose 28 points.Wilma’s team Vera and Doreen Rogers two wins one lose 27 points.

Chocolate went to Denny Betty Rees and Joyce.Compitation was won by Liz Sue and Doreen.

Please come along to the Forbes youth and community centre and try your hand a bowls every one is welcome to come along young and old names in by 1.15pm for 1.30pm start every Wednesday afternoon. We wish Joan Littlejohn a speedy recovery.

-by Wilma Hepburn

Netball News

The netball Night competition teams for both mixed and ladies teams played the last round of the competitions last week. Thank you to all the umpires who have umpired every week, so games could be played.

The competitions have been played since February, when the dates were set by the members at the monthly meeting of the FNA. The next night competitions will start in August, and players that would like to have input into the dates played and how the competitions are to be organised, should come to the meeting, when it is advertised.

Finals will be played this Wednesday between the two top teams on the point score ladder. If the games are not able to be played because of the weather, the teams that finished minor premiers in each competition will be declared the winners.

The final point scores were extremely close between a number of teams in each division. Presentations will be held immediately after each final.

Anyone who would like to continue playing ladies competition netball should come to Saturday competition at 9am, and be put into a team. Saturday competition will be played through until August.

Ladies competition: Minor premiers are Marist, by one competition point over Forbes Engineering, Golfie, KMWL.

Mixed competition: Minor premiers are Misfits, Double Shot second by one point over RBCC, McClintocks and Hot Shots equal points, Not Fast But Furious, Sheilas and Blokes.

Regional carnivals: The next regional carnival is Bathurst on Sunday, May 20. A bus will be running for players and parents.

An 11 years team has been entered and the first ten players to nominate will make up the team. Players can be turning either ten or 11 in 2018.

Players to nominate so far are; Delilah Karaitiana, Hannah Williams, Clare Williams, Lilli Cronin, Matilda Cronin. Five more players need to nominate to make up the team. Parents can email to

The Dubbo carnival is on May 27, and again an 11 years team will be entered. Players may also nominate for Dubbo when nominating for Bathurst.

Friday netball: Friday netball was cancelled last week, because of the rain. All players who are travelling to regional carnivals are encouraged to attend.

Friday netball is available to any players who would like to come and learn more skills, and join in the fun of playing netball. The sessions are free to all players, and players do not have to be registered or play Saturday competition to join in.

Help is always needed, and very welcome, to deliver the program. The sessions are conducted by an accredited coach, and learning umpires are also always welcome. Friday netball is held from 5pm till 6pm each week through school terms.

NetSetGo will be introduced if there are volunteers to help deliver the program. Draw for Finals Wednesday May 16 

Ladies competition final: 6-30pm crt 4 Marist versus Forbes Engineering (Jack Piercy/Janssen Mores-res Carmen Stephens)

Mixed competition final: 7-45pm crt 4 Misfits versus Double Shot (Carmen Stephens/Hannah Staines-res Janssen Mores)

Congratulations to the umpires who have been selected to umpire the finals series. Good luck to all the teams. Supporters are encouraged to come and cheer on your favourite teams.

-by Robyn Kenny


We welcomed back Ilma Davis, Sharnie Sentence and visitors Norm and Jan Wellmer as we celebrated world Croquet Day Along with our regular games of golf croquet we had some fun games as well, a real test of ball skills and lots of laughs, followed by a delicious morning tea (Many thanks to all who contributed). This was followed by our World Croquet celebration cake cut by 2 of our more senior members Bruce Field and Dorothea Croker

 After a beautiful day disaster struck with a trip and fall requiring an ambulance to attend, this was followed by another pass out and 2 more ambulance along with Hazmat and Fire brigade to attend, (neither of these were attributed to our gentle exercise game of croquet)

 This patient was fine after being checked out but unfortunately Joan has been hospitalised, we wish her well for a speedy recovery and return to croquet as she loves her croquet as much or more than any of us. This goes to show how we really do need a ramp to provide safer access to our clubhouse.

Golf Croquet Tuesday, May 8 results

John Cole, Veva MacCullagh 9 defeated Elvy Quirk, Caryl Slattery 5

Ilma Davis, Mal Smith 8 defeated Barry White, Kevin Rubie 5

Harley Stewart, Alec Todd 10 defeated Lorraine Todd, Jeff Liebich 3

John H Browne, Lorna Field 7 defeated Marie Spry, Joan Littlejohn 6

Marj Styles, Libby Smart 9 defeated Jill Rubie, Joan Butchard 4

Bob Murray, John MacCullagh 8 defeated Bruce Field 5

Kath Broderick, Sharnie Sentence 9 defeated Dorothea Croker, Brad Stewart 4

Colleen Liebich, Robin Pols 8 defeated Doreen Whitworth 5

Ken Styles, Merv Langfield 8 defeated Tony Thomson, Lyn Simmonds 5

Sharnie Sentence, Veva MacCullagh 7 defeated Elvy Quirk, Ken Styles 6

Marj Styles, Barry White 9 defeated Jill Rubie, Dorothea Croker 4

Lorna Field, Joan Littlejohn 10 defeated Ilma Davis, Jeff Liebich 3

Bruce Field, Libby Smart 8 defeated John H Browne, John MacCullagh 5

Colleen Liebich, Lyn Simmonds 8 defeated Caryl Slattery, Kath Broderick 5

Harley Stewart 7 defeated Brad Stewart, Robin Pols 6

Tony Thomson 8 defeated Norm Wellmer 5

Jeff and Colleen Liebich 8 defeated Tony Thomson, Doreen Whitworth 5

Veva MacCullagh, Libby Smart 7 defeated Caryl Slattery, John Cole 6

Harley Stewart, Bruce Field 9 defeated Brad Stewart, Barry White 4

Mal Smith, Marj Styles 8 defeated Lorna Field, John H Browne 5

Bob Murray, Alec Todd 7 defeated Dorothea Croker, John MacCullagh 6

Robin Pols, Ilma Davis 7 defeated Merv Langfield, Ken Styles 6

Results Aussie Croquet Saturday, May 12

Well hasn’t winter hit with a revenge, it was a real shock to our systems with a bitterly cold wind blowing, after the beautiful autumn days we had experienced till now

It was lovely to welcome Dorothea’s daughter Moira for today’s games. Happy Birthday was sang to Elvy before she and John departed to set up raffles etc for today’s Relay For Life  which a lot of our members are registered to take part in the walk

John H Browne, Tony Thomson 14 defeated Dorothea Croker. Moira Hermann 8

Lorna Field, Ros Rennick 14 defeated Kath Broderick, Lorraine Todd 10

Bruce Field, Jill Rubie 14 defeatec Merv Langfield, Barry White 11

Kevin Rubie, Cherylin Cole 14 defeated John MacCullagh, Elizabeth McLean 11

Bob Murray, Jeff Liebich 14 defeated Elvy Quirk, Brad Stewart 10

Colleen Liebich, John Cole 14 defeated Veva MacCullagh, Lyn Simmonds 11

Bruce Field, Jill Rubie 14 defeated Elizabeth McLean, Lyn Simmonds 8

Barry White, Colleen Liebich 14 defeated John MacCullagh, Lorna Field 8

Kevin Rubie, Veva MacCullagh 14 defeated John MacCullagh, Lorna Field 8

Bob Murray, Ros Rennick 14 defeated Cherylin Cole, Jeff Liebich 11

Jeff Liebich, Dorothea Croker 14 defeated Lorraine Todd, Lyn Simmonds 9

Jill Rubie 14 defeated Colleen Liebich 12

Bob Murray, Elizabeth McLean 14 defeated Ros Rennick, John MacCullagh 12

Barry White Cherylin Cole 14 defeated Kath Broderick, Brad Stewart 10

Tony Thomson, Veva MacCullagh 14 defeated John Cole, Lorna Field 10

Kevin Rubie, Moira Hermann 14 defeated Bruce Field, Merv Langfield 11

-Veva MacCullagh