Forbes Preschool celebrates 60 years

Forbes Preschool will celebrate 60 years with a birthday ball on August 4. 

This year marks six decades since a group of parents saw the need for a preschool, and opened the doors at Forbes Preschool Kindergarten.

A gala ball celebrating the milestone will be held on August 4 at Forbes Golf and Sportsman’s Club with all invited to join the celebration. 

Current preschool director Amy Shine has been delving into the archives – looking through old meeting minutes and photo albums – in preparation for the big night.

Forbes Preschool Kindergarten opened on October 10, 1958 with Mrs Pixie Tom its first director.

Planning for the preschool had started a couple of years earlier, with Noelle Smith and Joan Todd holding the first minuted meeting. 

The first committee was headed by Dr Dyce, with Dr Dent as vice president. 

Over the many years since, with thousands of little feet through the doors and many, many finger paintings, the preschool has grown and changed.

It’s now two years since the preschool relocated to brand new facilities in Barton Street, from the long-time Abbott Street location.

It does remain a not-for-profit organisation with a parent committee – staffed by professional early childhood educators. 

Tickets for the ball are $65, they will go on sale at Forbes Preschool from June 16.

The format for the evening is a cocktail event with catering by Eat Your Greens and a drink on arrival. 

There will be photo albums and memorabilia from years gone by to browse, and music by Gabe Middleton into the evening.