Lake masterplan before more projects approved

A masterplan for Lake Forbes and the aquatic centre will be developed before any new projects in the area are given the go-ahead. 

Councillors at the June meeting backed a recommendation by staff to “place on hold all other projects and installations until the Public Arts Policy and Lake Forbes Masterplan are developed and in place”. 

The moratorium won’t affect projects already approved including major works at the Wiradjuri Dreaming Centre to build an educational and cultural hub, stone ampitheatre and install Wiradjuri sculptures.

Council’s Manager Community and Tourism described Lake Forbes as a “focal point for the community and an area of interest for many different existing and proposed projects.

“Projects occurring now on the Lake’s edge include the installation of the Wiradjuri Dreaming Centre hub, sculptures as part of the sculpture trail being developed by the Forbes Art Society and there are also proposals via funding applications to add lighting to lake pathways, improve sports venues in the Lake vicinity and add improvements to Lions Park making it event ready,” the report to Council says.

“There is a proposal to install a rotunda in Lions Park and interest in further developing the ski dam for water sports.

“Planning has also been undertaken for a biodiversity walkway on the lake and the redevelopment of Camp Street Bridge will also bring significant changes in landscaping and pedestrian pathways in this section of the Lake.”

All these things need to be considered as part of an overall plan and – crucially – by the Floodplain committee, the manager writes.

“It may be the case that some installations or projects may not be able to be approved because of the cumulative effect of the structures proposed for installation,” the report says.

There is provision within the 2018-2019 budget to employ a consultant to bring all of these concepts and plans together.

The report adds that a plan would be displayed for public comment and allow the broader community to provide feedback, it would also help Council dedicate funds in its annual budget.

Council at the June meeting adopted the CBD masterplan, with the exception of plans for Templar Street, they’re back on the drawing board. 

There is also a masterplan in the making for the site of the former Lachlan Vintage Village, which Council purchased in 2017.