Fun way to celebrate the end of term

Fishing, movies, games and cooking were on the agenda on Thursday as Forbes Public School rewarded students for a great first half of the year.

The activities were on offer for an afternoon as part of the school’s mid-year PBL reward.

Organiser of the acknowledgement day, Samantha Flack, says Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) is an evidence based, data driven program which focuses on developing students’ strengths.

The school gives out a blue card every time staff see or hear someone displaying the PBL values which are safe, respectful and responsible.

The students worked towards collecting as many blue cards as possible over the semester. These blue cards are now being used as currency to buy students a spot to do certain activities at the end of the semester.

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The more blue cards each student has the more options they can choose from for the activity session.

Each activity was given an amount of blue cards that needed to be reached by students for them to attend.

The activities and values include: fishing (80), tie-dying (80), cooking (60), movie and popcorn (50), technology (I-pads, laptops) (45), just dance (35), games on the oval (30), free play (25), and board games (15).

“This gives students an attainable and measureable goal to strive for, with clear and consistent expectation on how to achieve this reward,” Ms Flack said.

Students are now looking towards to next semester and are suggesting new and exciting rewards they can work towards.