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Women’s Bowls

Great Play: The bowlers who played at Condobolin in the Cannon Merritt Competition. Our ladies were very successful with a win and now will wait to play against the Parkes Town  Ladies  at a later date.

Great Play: The bowlers who played at Condobolin in the Cannon Merritt Competition. Our ladies were very successful with a win and now will wait to play against the Parkes Town Ladies at a later date.

We had a small number of bowlers on the greens last week as nine of our players journeyed to Condobolin to contest the first game of the Cannon Merritt Trophy.

Our ladies were very successful with a win and now will wait to play against the Parkes Town  Ladies  at a later date.

Two games of triples was played socially with Mary Everson Noela Girot and Alice Allen the winning rink defeating Pat Hodson, Alison Cutcliffe and Robyn Mattiske. 

Leslie Dunstan, Judy Kerr and Kay Toohey defeating Leslie Dunstan (swinging) Meg Butler and Colleen Liebich.

It was wonderful to see Dawyn Harvey playing eight ends to help Lesley and she was trying out her new bowls Practise makes perfect Dawyn!

We also had three resting touches with Colleen Liebich Mary Everson and Pat Hodson all scoring one each. The Minor Pairs competition  final was played in freezing conditions last Saturday morning with Judy Kerr and Kay Toohey defeating  Elyssa Cunningham and Glenys Ryan 17-14.

This was a very even match and worthy of a finals game Full credit to all bowlers played in a respectful manner

Lesley Dunstan  won the raffle taking home the meat tray. It is great to have caterers at the club again so ladies can enjoy their meals following play and not having to have a packed lunch.

The Major Triples competition will start tomorrow with the first round to be played by July 11. Social Bowls will  be played tomorrow so ring your name in to the club between 9am and 9.30am and you will be in a team. Look forward to seeing you there.

-by Colleen Liebich


It was a rather a subdued morning on the croquet courts on Tuesday remembering our good friend and companion Neville Morrison. The members were privileged to form a “Guard of Honour” at his funeral that afternoon. We enjoyed many years of his comradeship and placid nature.

Winners of three games on the day were Dorothea Croker, Merv Langfield, Joan Littlejohn, Bob Murray, Harley Stewart and Neville Spry. Neville Spry is one of our newest members so the effort of three wins was a great effort.

Saturday, with a wind chill factor of three degrees, and an Antarctic wind blowing across the fields, was coldest day of the year but 25 members still participated. The idea was to play as fast as possible, a quick coffee and toast then home to a warm house. Winners of three games today were John Cole, Elvy Quirk and Barry White.

Results Golf Croquet July 3: Robin Pols, Merv Langfield 9, defeated John Job, Kathleen Broderick 4. John H. Browne, Kevin Rubie 10, defeated Lorraine Todd, Kathleen Broderick 4.. Elvy Quirk, Brad Stewart 9, defeated Mary Hodges, John Job 4. Tony Thomson, Dorothea Croker 8, defeated Marjorie Styles, Lyn Simmonds 5. Jeff Liebich, Joan Littlejohn 9, defeated Colleen Liebich, Marie Spry 4. Ruth Cheney, Alec Todd 7, defeated Bruce Field, Robin Pols 6. Harley Stewart, Neville Spry 8, defeated Barry White, Ken Styles 5. Merv Langfield, Lorna Field 8, defeated John Brown, Jill Rubie 5. Bob Murray 8, defeated John Cole 5. Harley Stewart, Dorothea Croker 8, defeated Barry White, Elvy Quirk 5. Robin Pols, Joan Littlejohn 11, defeated Ruth Cheney, Marie Spry 2. John MacCullagh, John Cole 9, defeated Marjorie and Ken Styles 4. Kathleen Broderick, Colleen Liebich 7, defeated Lyn Simmonds, John Job 6. Lorraine Todd, Tony Thomson 7, defeated Alec Todd, John H. Browne 6. Kevin Rubie, Evelyn Mahlo 7, defeated Bruce Field 6. Merv Langfield, Brad Stewart 7, defeated Bill Scott 6. Jeff Liebich, Libby Smart 8, defeated Mary Hodges, John Brown 5. Bob Murray, Neville Spry 8, defeated Lorna Field, Jill Rubie 5. Harley Stewart, Libby Smart 7, defeated Elvy Quirk, Kevin Rubie 6 Bill Scott, Dorothea Croker 7, defeated Jill Rubie, Colleen Liebich 6. Marjorie Styles, Joan Littlejohn 8, defeated John MacCullagh, Jeff Liebich 5. Bob Murray, Lorna Field 7, defeated Ken Styles, Lyn Simmonds 6. Neville Spry, Alec Todd 8, defeated Mary Hodges, John Brown 5. Lorraine Todd, Evelyn Mahlo 7, defeated Tony Thomson, John H. Browne 6. Bruce Field, Marie Spry 7, defeated Ruth Cheney, Brad Stewart 6.

Results Aussie Croquet July 7: Dorelle Scott, Kathleen Broderick 14, defeated Bob Murray, John H. Browne 11. Barry White, Doreen Rogers 14, defeated Jeff Liebich, Bill Scott 12. Joan Littlejohn, Elizabeth McLean 14, defeated Anne Stewart, Merv Langfield 11. Joan Littlejohn, Elizabeth McLean 14, defeated Anne Stewart, Merv Langfield 11. Tony Thomson, John Allegri 14, defeated Harley Stewart, Dorothea Croker 13. Elvy Quirk, John Cole 14, defeated John MacCullagh, Colleen Clifton 12. Elvy Quirk, John Cole 14, defeated Colleen Liebich, Colleen Clifton 7. Harley Stewart, Bill Scott 14, defeated Lyn Simmond, Merv Langfield 8. Dorothea Croker, Elizabeth McLean 14, defeated Brad Stewart, Dorelle Scott 7. John H. Browne, Bob Murray 14, defeated John MacCullagh, Joan Littlejohn 10. Doreen Rogers, Anne Stewart 14, defeated Tony Thomson, Kathleen Broderick 11. John Allegri, Barry White 14, defeated Robin Pols, S. Hunt 11. John H. Browne, Barry White 14, defeated Jeff Liebich, Brad Stewart 10. Elvy Quirk, Joan Littlejohn 14, defeated Bill Scott, Kathleen Broderick 11. Colleen Liebich, Harley Stewart 14, defeated Bob Murray, Doreen Rogers 11. John Cole, Lyn Simmonds 14, defeated Merv Langfield, John Allegri 12. Anne Stewart, John MacCullagh 14, defeated Tony Thomson, Dorothea Croker 11.

Bogan Gate Golf

It was good to see a good roll up for the  Ladies and Men’s Championships over the week ends of the June 17 and 24. The inclement weather of icy cold winds on the 17th and a pleasant day on the 24th ensured we finished the 54 holes and 36 holes respectively.

A grade champion for 2018 in the Mens was Ron Boness with a 54 hole Scatch score of 244, Runner-up was Robert McIntyre with a 54 hole score of 296.

Nearest the pin on sixth and15th was Neal Herbert.  Captains Trophy was won by Ron Boness with a net score over 27 holes of 108.5.  Presidents Trophy on the 24th was won by Tony Bratton with a net score of 107.

Ladies club Champion for 2018 was Marion McIntyre with a 36 hole scatch score of 223, runner-up with a score of 224 was Di Cornelissen. Handicap 36 hole winner was Di Cornelissen with a net score of 158.  

Veteran’s golf

This time next week (July 17) will be a busy day for Tuesday golfers as they play their usual 12 hole competition followed by lunch at the Golfie Hotel celebrating Christmas In July.

Co-organiser of Tuesday golf Geoff Drane said over the weekend that all is in place for a day of lunch, drinks and friendship.

“Golf next Tuesday at 9.30am before meeting in the Golfie where publican Ash (Tucker) has all in place for lunch and a raffle with the winner collecting a real valued meat tray. All regular Tuesday players are invited to attend,” Geoff said.

Last Tuesday Mr Drane scored best with 32 points over 12 holes while next were Frank Donohue 31 points then Garry Pymont on 30 points. Its all on again today with ball toss at 9.30am for playing partners.

Geoff Mr Drane is definitely in form and was back to the trophy table last Thursday in Parkes where he was runner-up on a count-back to home town member Dale Strait after both scored 26 points in the weekly 12 hole competition.

Parkes member John O'Shannesy collected the Encouragement Award but only just from fellow club member Ron Jackson and Greg Webb from Forbes.

Forbes players dominated nearest the pins with Alf Davies collecting A grade at the 11th while Ross Williams won both B grade (also the second shot at the 18th). A grade winner at the 18th was Peter Bristol (Parkes).

In the Mick Miler Shield with 33 players, Forbes (18 players) 149 points, Parkes (15 players) 141 points. Ball sweep to 23 points. 25 points, Steve Uphill (F), Geoff Coles (F), Milton Cartwright (F), Phil Bishop (P), 24 Geoff Haley (F), Alf Davies (F), Tony Hendry (P), 23 John Smith (F).

Golf on Thursday over 12 holes in Forbes before the monthly Lachlan Valley Vets 18 holes in Forbes the following week, July 19.  

For all information on Forbes golf contact the Pro Shop on 6851 1554. Don't forget membership is now due and payable at the Pro Shop.

-by Short Putts Mate