Funding boost for Forbes sports groups

Two Forbes sports groups have received a funding boost with the announcement of the 2017 Community Building Grants. 

The Forbes Running and Triathlon Club will receive $10,000 for equipment to support the triathlon event at Forbes.

Forbes Running and Triathlon Club organiser Nick Turner said that the funds mean the club will be able to deliver this event without having to “beg, borrow and steal” from other clubs.

“Previously we’ve had to borrow equipment from the Orange Triathlon Club, who have been exceptional,” Mr Turner said.

“It allows us to stand on our own two feet, which is the ultimate goal.”

Member for Orange Phil Donato said it was great to think the money would make a difference to the club’s future success.

“The funds will be used by the Forbes Running and Triathlon Club for important equipment such as an enclosed trailer, bike racks, swimming buoys and other items that will assist the club in running the event,” Mr Donato said.

Score for basketball

Forbes Basketball Association will be picking up new balls and team shirts with $2750 the club received.

The club has been reborn in the past few years and there’s significant interest, beyond the scope and condition of the current courts.

But they do run Aussie Hoops for learners, coaching and competition for five to 17-year-olds. 

You can follow Forbes Basketball Association on Facebook to keep in touch, registration for the next summer season will be mid-Term 3, about September.