Forbes sporting news

Men’s bowls

The final of our club Major Fours was played last Saturday afternoon, an afternoon which was very windy, cold and uncomfortable for both players and spectators alike. Bill Adams, Lawrence Jackson, Greg Gunn and Bert Bayley proved the better side with a 24-17 win over Christian West, Graham West, Brian Asimus and Scott Andrews.

Bert’s team took control from the third end and was helped along by the opposition dropping two five’s in the first eight ends. It was progressively down-hill from there for Scott’s team who played some good bowl on occasions but Bert’s team was too consistent on the day. There were two games of Minor Singles also played last week. In the first game as an arm wrestle, with Peter MacKay and Grant Lambert playing a marathon thirty nine ends. 

This was a match between two equally matched opponents who shared the lead throughout the game and at the thirteenth end it was ten all and at the twenty seventh end it was twenty a piece. Over the next nine ends Gant scored ten shots to Peter’s six which put Grant on 30 and Peter on 26. I don’t know what happened to Grant but Peter picked up seven shots on the next three ends to win game to 30.

In the other singles game Lawrence Jackson defeated Ray Dunstan game to 16. Jacko’s experience showed and he was never in any trouble throughout the game and he held a 15-3 lead after eleven ends. Although Ray picked up some shots after this he was never in the hunt and finished up on the wrong end of the score.

Wednesday at one: Record 27 players turned up but we did have the other usual Wednesday players join us, thanks Terry, Kingsley, John and Glen. On the other rinks Bill Looney and Paul Baker forged ahead at the end for a 13-10 win from Barry Wright and Denis Christey. Also taking the lead on the last two ends was Brian Asimus AND Ray Dunstan with an 18-13 victory from John Gorton and Alf Davies.

Another win by five shots was Kerry Dunstan and Cliff Nelson with a 21-16 result against Bill O’Connell and Peter MacKay. On rink four Jim McLuckie (welcome back Jim) AND Scott Andrews finished just three shots ahead of Barry White and Geoff Williams. Eddie Gould and BARRY Shine made a formidable team with a 17-11 result against John Williams AND Dennis Byrnes. In the final game Rad Stevens had plenty of practice playing for both Jim Maloy and Rob Priest with Jim just finishing in front. Thanks gents we’ll do it all again next Wednesday at one.

Thursday afternoon: The winners last Thursday afternoon were Merv Langfield and Peter Hocking who had a 25-19 win against Don Hodson and Tony Bratton. The Runners-up on the day were John Cutler and Laurie Crouch who had a 30-12 win over John Baass and Darryl Griffiths.

Results of the other games were: Pam Steven, Cliff Nelson and Bill Adams had a 19-16 win against Cheree Vincent, Bob Grant and Lyall Strudwick and in the other game Max Vincent and Peter MacKay defeated Harvey Elliott and Graham West 27-18.

Sunday morning: A very cold Sunday morning and the winning rink went to Don Hodson and Geoff Brown who defeated Rod Howarth and Peter Tisdell 20-7. In the other games, Pat Hodson and Alan Phillips defeated Paul Baker and John Cutler 20-13 and Russell Hodge and Lyall Strudwick had a 21-8 win against Loris Stewart and Ron Thurlow. I did mention last week that the men’s club were planning events and the first one is on July 21, with prize money of $300. This mixed pair’s event is sponsored by Moxey Farms and will be held once a month for the next four months. 

It will be held on a Saturday and there will be two games of 12 ends starting at 1pm with a cost of $15 per player. Nominations are for single names only as a lead or a skip and the names will be pulled out of a hat. The best four teams will play off in a three end shoot out and the final will also be a three end shoot out.

I am pleased to report that the board has approved naming our No 1 green The Don Drabsch Green. There will be a Don Drabsch Memorial Day in November and we will give you further up dates as we get closer to the day. A nomination sheet is on the board for our President’s Day which is set down for August 12 so get you teams in as this is always a good day. Nominations are now being called for the Major and Minor triples and both close on August 4.

Indoor bowls

By Forbes Sport and Recreation Club indoor bowls publicity officer Wendy Burns. What a close game we had Monday night, although on the seventh end Dizzy Lizzie upset the apple cart and gave her team seven points.

Possum was a bit worried they had too good a lead but her team tried hard. On the last end they needed three points to win and ended up with four points, so that was a good win. We had four new players Monday wanting to have a go so they played a few ends.

Sharpy came out the most promising. Sorry Spro, you need more practice. Our secretary Bev presented a cheque to Peter Mackay on behalf of the indoor bowlers for the Sport and Rec Club. Our winning team was Heather, Ian and Wendy with 16 points. Runners up Wayne and Liz with 14 points. Names to be in by 4.45pm for 5pm start Monday nights. Everyone welcome. 

Flashback: Phil Cleal taking part in the five stand shoot in November 2017. Tim Lynch Memorial shoot on Saturday, August 11 at 1pm.

Flashback: Phil Cleal taking part in the five stand shoot in November 2017. Tim Lynch Memorial shoot on Saturday, August 11 at 1pm.

Sporting shooters

On Sunday, August 5 the club will be holding the Bankstown shoot for visitors from Sydney. Results of the Forbes S.S.A.A. sporting shooters .22 calibre rimfire rifle shoot on Wednesday, July 4. The weather was cool with a light breeze from the north at 5kph. Range officers; Anthony Bratton and John Dean. Scorer: John Dean.

25metre Buffalo target shoot: Ian Keene, 270/270; Garry Parslow, 270/270; Ken Morley, 269/270; Paul Baker, 269/270; Dennis Finn, 266/270; Brian Shea, 264/270; John Dean, 264/270; Greame Freney, 259/270; Jennie Carpenter, 244/270; Anthony Bratton, 220/270 and Wayne Burton shot practice only.

50metre Crow target shoot: Garry Parslow, 250/250; Ken Morley, 248/250; Greame Freney, 245/250; Brian Shea, 244/250; Paul Baker, 243/250; Ian Keene, 242/250; John Dean, 241/250; Dennis Finn, 240/250; Jennie Carpenter, 196/250; Wayne Burton, 175/250 and Anthony Bratton, 169/250. 

75metre Bear target shoot: Paul Baker, 120/120; John Dean, 118/120; Ken Morley, 117/120; Dennis Finn, 117/120; Ian Keene, 116/120; Garry Parslow, 116/120; Greame Freney, 114/120; Brian Shea, 103/120; Anthony Bratton, 101/120 and Jennie Carpenter, 95/120.

Results of the monthly shoot on Sunday, July 8 which was a 75 target five stand non graded handicap. The weather was cold with a westerly breeze.

75 target five stand non graded handicap shoot; First Phil Cleal (Fbs hcp 9) 22-17-18 total 57 hcp total 84; Second Leigh Dridan (Condobolin hcp 11) 22-14-12 total 48 hcp total 81; Mathew Dent (Fbs hcp 7) 20-17-20 total 57 hcp total 78; Laurie Redfern (Fbs hcp 5) 22-17-20 total 59 hcp total 74; Bruce Dent (Fbs hcp 5)17-14-22 total 53 hcp total 68; Anthony Bratton (hcp 8) 14-17-20 total 51 hcp total 75; Phil Picker (Fbs hcp 8) 10-9-11 total 30 hcp total 54; Ben Smith (Fbs hcp 14) 9-11-13 total 33 hcp total 75; David Morrison (Fbs hcp 14) 5-8-8 total 21 hcp total 63; Joe McLindon (Fbs hcp 14) 3-7-6 total 16 hcp total 58; Cameron Smith (Junior hcp 14) 12-14-15 total 41 hcp total 83 and Garth Gault (Caragabal hcp 8) Garth shoot 2 rounds only 15-15 total 30.

The next shoot for the sporting clay's will be the monthly shoot for the Tim Lynch Memorial shoot on Saturday, August 11 at 1pm. Saturday’s shoot will be a 75 target five stand handicap shoot.

On Sunday, August 12 the Tim Lynch Memorial 100 target off the gun field shoot will start at 9:30am. For information on clay target shooting contact: Norm Brook on 0458664541 or Tony Bratton on 6852 3349. Anyone wishing to obtain a long arm firearm licence contact Wayne Facey on 0414 524 059, Norm Brook or Tony Bratton.

The .22 calibre and other rimfire rifle (.22 magnum or .17HMR) shoot is on Sunday, July 15 at 10am. The next Wednesday shoot is July 18 at 3pm. Anyone wishing to try rifle or shotgun shooting can take part after filling out a P650 form.  For information on .22 calibre rimfire shooting contact: Wayne Facey or Norm Brook.