Lamb prices hit new local high

A new local record was set when fat lambs sold for $268 at Forbes on Tuesday.
A new local record was set when fat lambs sold for $268 at Forbes on Tuesday.

The records are tumbling fast when it comes to fat lamb prices. 

Forbes’ Central West Livestock Exchange made headlines two weeks ago selling lambs at a national record price of $260 a head. 

That price tumbled at Wagga Wagga two days later, and prices hit a new local high of $268 a head at Forbes this Tuesday.

The sale saw a drop in lamb and mutton numbers, with a total yarding of 30450. 

A good number of finished lambs that had received supplementary feed were on offer along with plainer store types. 

A few pens of new season lambs sold from $153 to $183/head. Light old lambs averaged $124/head. Trade weights were $6 to $10 dearer with prices reaching $130 to $181/head.

Heavy and extra heavy weight lambs sold $13 to $18/head dearer. Heavy lambs received $170 to $201, with extra heavy weights selling from $198 to $268/head for the top priced pen from Forbes’ Ian and Sue Davies. 

Numbers lifted at Monday’s cattle sale and quality was fair. Yearling steers to processors lifted 10c to sell from 288c to 310c/kg for medium and heavyweights. Those to feedlots were 6c to 10c better to range from 250c to 322c/kg.

The heifer portion to feed was 10c better to receive from 257c to 288c/kg. The better finished lines to processors held firm to sell from 240 to 295/kg.

Heavy steers and bullocks were 5c to 7c dearer selling from 260c to 307c/kg. Grown heifers sold from 235c to 282c/kg. 

National Livestock Reporting Agency.