Forbes golfing goodness

Rugged Up: Peter Cowhan, Greg Webb, Geoff Betland and Brian Doyle dressed to combat the cold weather.
Rugged Up: Peter Cowhan, Greg Webb, Geoff Betland and Brian Doyle dressed to combat the cold weather.

The variable weather conditions on the weekend, which saw periods of sunshine and of rain, took its toll on the players as reflected in their scores and participating numbers.

Saturday was the Monthly Medal, sponsored by Walkers Ag-n-Vet. Most of the field of 64 players were intent on getting through their game and into the warmth of the Golfie.

But as always in these situations there were a couple of bright lights in the darkening skies, but surprisingly these were some of the higher handicappers.

The A grade winner was Steve Betland with a nett 74. His front nine was creditable with three birdies, offset by two early bogies.

But he suffered on the back nine, scoring Pars on all holes except the 17th, which featured a double. Runner-up, on count-back from two other players, was Mark Collits on 76 nett.

He also had a good start but faltering concentration towards the end of each nine saw his score slip out.

The B grade players used their handicaps to great advantage with the only two ‘Brians’ in the field taking the prizes. The winner was Brian Everest with a 70 nett.

Unlike many other players, his back nine was better than his front nine, despite a birdie on the sixth. Close behind, and also in a count back, was Brian Doyle with 71 nett. The second Brian had the same overall score, and reversed nine hole scores than the first Brian, but a lesser handicap.

The C graders were not outdone with good scoring. Milton Cartwright had another good week, scoring a nett 71, with two even ‘nines’.

Runner-up was Geoff Betland (73) who returned from a long rest period and felt relaxed all the way around. He was very pleased to break ‘100’ in only his second game back.

The ball sweep went to 76 nett on count-back, going to: 70 – B Everest; 71 – M Cartwright, B Doyle, A Borger; 72 – P Barnes, S Uphill; 73 – G Betland; 74 – L Little, P Kay, S Betland; 75 – A Callaghan, D Culley; 76 – G Coles, M Collits, S Kirkman, N McMillan, R Nixon.

The NTP’s went to: ninth – Terry Griffiths; 18th – Troy Howe. Troy managed a two on the 18th, which put many of his playing partners to shame. There were only four twos, with the third hole bearing the most. There were no visitors.

The overall run of results this month was very similar to the results returned for the May Monthly Medal, and perhaps indicative of the prevailing weather conditions on each day. I do not know what that means, but it is interesting – kind of.

What is interesting is that some players, or one at least, were keen to play in these conditions. So keen was Brian Everest that he turned up an hour earlier than his tee time. It must have done him good.

Les Little can be pleased with his overall result (nett 74) after having carded a ‘Bo Derek +’ on the seventh hole, and this despite the wind blowing away from the fence. This was the only one of the day. However, the second did snare more high scores than usual.

If it wasn’t trees, or rain, or wind causing issues then the players had no excuses. Except perhaps that their golf cart died. A cart was abandoned on the seventh hole after it ran out of juice.

It was interesting to see the various attempts by successive groups to limp it back to the sheds. After a brief rest the cart would travel for a wee bit then die, which meant it slowly progressed down the seventh and eighth fairways. It was eventually towed back.

We can only wonder at the excuses Stevie G could have for his dilemma. On one hole, he managed a four putt from about six feet, where each putt travelled past the hole.

It could have been gusty wind, or watering eyes, or brain not engaged, but who knows – he certainly did not.

To play golf it helps if the player has a good imagination. Brian Doyle thought he had imagined hitting two good shots with his driver going down the 12th, but it was real enough. Such was the wind strength playing directly into it, or so he claims.

And Alby Callaghan has to imagine, or at the very least remember, what it was like to play golf at the age of 82. He turned 83 this week, and thinks it will be easier to beat his age now.

On Sunday the Stableford Medley was played by a very small crowd of devoted and determined players. The day belonged to Barb Drabsch who was the overall winner on 30 points, and picked up the NTP’s as well.

Here is the News

Over the next few weeks we roll into some important events. So that you do not put in a good round, but are then found ineligible, it is vital that you have paid your membership fees.

Those on direct debit will need to adjust the amount to take into effect the change in fees.

The draw for the Wallace Cup (Match Play on Handicap) will be made this weekend, so if you want to be ‘IN’ contact the Club Captain (6851 5293).

Two important LVDGA events are very close. The Mixed Fourball Championships will be held at Grenfell on July 22, and the Mens Fourball District Final will be held at Forbes on August 5.

The Club’s Foursomes Championships, for Men and for Ladies, will be held this weekend. The Ladies play 27-holes on Saturday, while the Men play 36-holes over two days.

Do not despair if you cannot participate in the events in their entirety, but at least play in some of it. But make sure when you put your name down that your partner knows if it is for the whole event.

For those with young children who are looking for a good sport, wander along to the Practice Fairway on Tuesday afternoon, at about 4:30pm, and participate in the Junior Clinics being run by Simon.

These are very good for developing good general sports skills, and may even lead to an interest in playing golf.

Do not forget to obtain a Medallion and have a chance at a substantial cash prize. These are obtained at the Golfie, are available to all, and help the golf club. The quicker we sell them the quicker it is drawn and the quicker we can get another one rolling.

It is crystal ball time

Saturday, July 14 and Sunday, July 15 is the Mens Foursomes Championships, sponsored by S&S Welsh Transport, who are very good at taking your or your assets to places. Sunday will have a Stableford Medley for those who otherwise cannot compete.

On Saturday, July 21 we have the 4BBBB Stableford Multiplier, sponsored by the Tuesday Golfers. This can be brain-taxing, but is always enjoyable. On Sunday, July 22 we will have a Stableford Medley for those at home, and there will be the LVDGA Mixed Fourball Championships at Grenfell.


We record with sadness the sudden passing of Fran Smith, and extend to Richard and the family our condolences.’

Fran has been a very good Ladies golfer and very supportive of the Club. Husband Richard has been a good supporter of the Club, playing in the Divison 4 Pennants team, and has well supported the Club.

-by Short Putt

Ladies Golf

Back in 1956 Forbes had sand greens and a young Barb Drabsch had her first Hole in One, no doubt a very big moment in her life. However on Wednesday, July 11 Barb had her fifth ole in one on ninth and she was just as pleased. I doubt if any one at Forbes can beat that. Well done Barb.

On Saturday, July 7 a Stableford was played and sponsored by Shirley Redfern and the winner of Division One was Verna Lane(29) and Barb Drabsch won Division two on 38.

NTP ninth Ethel Coombs and 18th Barb Drabsch.  Wednesday, July 11 had 19 players which are good numbers considering the lucky ones that head north for winter.

A Stableford sponsored by Meg Schoefield and Jean Judge saw Kerry Stirling take our Division One with 34 points and Bess Shields won Division Two on 36. 

NTP 9th our legend Barb Drabsch(Hole in One) and 18th Jean Judge. Ball Sweep to Kerry, Bess and Enid Baker on a C/B 33. Congratulation all.

This Saturday is our Foursomes Championships over 27 holes. It is good fun playing foursomes and if you feel 27 holes is a bit far to walk grab a cart. Next Wednesday 18th is a Par event and Colleen Venables is on cards.

We need players for the Billabong four Ball Matchplay competition that starts on Sunday, July 22, there is a sheet in the locker room. A change of venue for the LVDGA Mixed 4BBB on Sunday, July 22 will be played at Grenfell and not Parkes as written in the book.

-by Roving Reporter