Forbes sporting news


The Forbes Squash Club’s annual Championships were held recently. The second round of semis were held last Wednesday and Thursday nights.

The finalists, who included three Parkes residents, gathered at the courts Friday evening August 3. The hotly contested men’s A final promised to be a monumental match and it was.

Big rallies, close calls and a fine display of skill by both players. Darryn Piper had the win over Oli Dawes 3–0 but according to Darryn, Oli is still one Championship win ahead with eight wins under his belt while Darryn has seven. I wonder will he catch up next year.

Men’s A Plate winner was Kyle Sharpe against Lockie Miller 3–1. Chris McQuie from Parkes won the men’s B final over Pete Cowhan 3–1 and men’s B Plate winner was Graham Coombs by default.

Mens C winner, young Will Wallace with a bright future in squash, beat Steve Allegri 3–1 while the men’s C Plate champ was Sam Mackay defeating Josh Barnard 3–0.

Women’s A finalists were Kacey and Gaylene Nightingale from Parkes. Kacey beat her mother Gaylene 3–2, Louise Webb won B grade against Ellie cowhan 3–0 while the Womens C grade champion was Lara Stibbard defeating Sarah Tottenham 3–0.

Bogan Gate Golf

Sunday, July 22 the club held an 18 hole Stableford event with a good roll-up of players good to see Gail McKay back on deck after a lengthy absence, Mens winner was the burglar Steve Edwards with a good score of 40 points.

Runner-up was “Mr Lucky” Robert McIntyre with a respectful score of 35 on a c/b from Ron Boness also 35.

Ladies winner was a deserved one at that, was Shirley Nutley with a fine score of 38 points ( well done Shirl sad about the broncos loss ) nearest the pin third and 12th was Marion McIntyre ( this is Marions signature hole).

Sunday, July 29 we held the Bogan Gate Ladies Open Tournament for 2018, it was played with an exceptional roll-up of players from neighbouring clubs

A grade18 hole Scratch winner was Anita Metcalf from Parkes with a scratch score of 86. Runner-up was Cathy Kelly from Parkes with a score of 90. 

Handi-cap winner was Lisa Frankell from Condobolin with a net score of 69  Stableford winner was Robyn Lyell from Forbes with a score of 38 points.

Front nine winner was Verna Lane from Forbes with a score of 45 scratch. Back nine winner was Tricia Vincent from Tottenham with a score of 44 scratch.

B grade scratch winner was Alison Kingston from Forbes with a score of 95. Runner-up was Teresa Armatage from Forbes with a score of 95 Handicap winner was Maureen Boness from Bogan Gate with a net score of 69, Stableford winner was Sue Holman from Parkes with a score of 37. 

Front Nine winner was Jan Pawsley from Condobolin with a scatch score of 48 and Back Nine winner was Gail McKay from Bogan Gate with a scratch  score of 49 Veterans winner was Teresa Armitage from Forbes.

Nearest the pin winner for A grade was Vicki Hanlon from Condobolin. Longest drive A grade was Verna Lane from Forbes. Nearest the pin B grade was Alison Kingston from Forbes, Longest Drive B grade was Jan Pawsley from Condobolin.

Nearest the pin C grade was Sandra Stevenson from Trundle Longest Drive C grade Annette Howerth from Trundle Pairs team win was Teresa Armitage and Alison Kingston. 

A big thank you must go to the male members of the club for their fine service throughout the day with the preparation of food also cards, result sheets, bar and the kitchen which is the “hub” of a day like this, the ladies all gave their thanks many times for the fine food and hospitality of Bogan Gate

Lastly I would like to thank all our sponsors of the Ladies Tournament without them this day would be harder to put on, a very special thank you to Robyn Lyell from Forbes who was our Western District Rep on the day, we thank the clubs from Parkes. Orange Ex Services, Condobolin.

Tottenham, Trangie, Trundle, Forbes Carragabal, without these clubs our new date on Western District Calendar would not of been such a success.

Forbes was well represented thank you especially after the sad news of the passing of one of your ladies.


A smaller turn out than usual for our Golf Croquet but the standard of play was excellent. There were five winners of three games, Bruce Field, Jeff Liebich, Colleen Liebich, Joan Littlejohn, Bob Murray and Dorelle Scott.

We were lucky to have a visitor from West Australia. Lyn McFarlane really showed us what good croquet is all about. She wiped the floor with all her opposition and won all her three games.

Saturday Aussie was a good turnout of twenty seven players. Visitors again were the surprise with John Rogers, Annie Bradley and Rob Bradley all winning games.

Rob Bradley won three games, a big effort for a player from Sydney who has only played three or four games in his life. Clean sweeps were John Cole, Bob Murray, Kevin Rubie, Dorelle Scott, Harley Stewart, Tony Thompson, Alec Todd, Lorraine Todd and Rob Bradley. A big cheer to Annie Bradley for winning her  first game ever.

D.Scott, K.Rubie 8, defeated M.Spry, N.Spry 5. B.Scott, C.Liebich 7, E.Mahlo, L.Field 6. B.Field, D.Croker 8, defeated J.Ellis, R.Cheney 5. J.Liebich, K.Styles 8, defeated A.Todd, H.Stewart 5. L.McFarlane 7, defeated L.Todd, M.Styles 6. B.Murray, M.Langfield 8, defeated J.Allegri, L.Allegri 5. J.Littlejohn, D.Hailstone 7, defeated K.Broderick, R.Cheney 4. D.Scott, K.Styles 7, defeated E.Mahlo, J.Allegri 6. J.Liebich, C.Liebich 8, defeated L.Field, L.Allegri 5. B.Murray, D.Hailstone 10, defeated K.Broderick, M.Spry 3. L.Todd, B.Scott 8, defeated M.Styles, M.Langfield 5. B.Field 7, defeated K.Rubie 6. M.Styles, J.Liebich 8, defeated B.Scott, K.Styles 5. B.Field, J.Allegri 8, defeated R.Cheney, K.Broderick 5. K.Rubie, B.Murray 8, defeated M.Spry, L.Todd 5. C.Liebich, L.Mc Farlaine 8, defeated M.Langfield 5. D.Scott, A.Todd 9, defeated D.Croker, N.Spry 4. J.Littlejohn, E.Mahlo 8, defeated L.Field, L.Allegri 5.

Aussie Croquet Results August 4: E.Quirk, J.Littlejohn 14, defeated J.MacCullagh, A.Stewart 8. K.Rubie, T.Thomson 14, defeated J.Cole, R.Pols 8. J.H.Browne, J.Rogers 14, defeated E.McLean, M.Langfield 9. D.Scott, J.Allegri 14, defeated D.Croker, B.Murray 10. R.Bradley, B.Scott 14, defeated J.Littlejohn, K.Broderick 11. L.Todd, B.Stewart 14, defeated R.Rennick 11. H.Stewart, Alec Todd 14, defeated A.Bradley, C.Cole 12. E.Quirk, J.Rogers 14, defeated D.Croker, J.MacCullagh 9. J.Cole, T.Thomson 14, defeated A.Stewart, M.Langfield 7. R.Rennick, B.Scott 14, defeated J.Littlejohn, J.Allegri 11. J.Browne, A.Todd 14, defeated A.Bradley, K.Broderick 10. D.Scott, B.Murray 14, defeated C.Cole, K.Rubie 9. E.McLean 14, defeated B.Stewart, C. Clifton 8. H.Stewart, R.Bradley 14, defeated R.Pols, L.Todd 12. K.Rubie, J.Cole 14, defeated R.Pols, R.Rennick 11. B.Murray, A.Todd 14, defeated E.McLean, J.Littlejohn 10. L.Todd, R.Bradley 14, defeated E.Quirk,  B.Stewart 11. D.Scott, T.Thomson 14, defeated J.H.Browne, J.Allegri 12. H.Stewart, C.Clifton 14, defeated J.MacCullagh, M.Langfield 12. A.Bradley, D.Croker 14, defeated A.Stewart, B.Scott 12.