Preschool celebrates 60 years | Photos

This year marks 60 years since Forbes Preschool first opened its doors, and the community celebrated at the Golf and Sportsman’s Hotel on Saturday night.

Thousands of local children have taken their first steps in education at the community-based preschool in those six decades, and parents, past students and educators were among those who gathered for the birthday ball.

A 60th birthday cake was cut by Maureen Field, who worked at the preschool for about 15 years and taught many of those who attended for the special occasion.

Jacqui Sheather shared the preschool’s history, and MC Nicki Patten spoke about her experience of the preschool as a student, mother and board member.

Director Amy Shine then took the floor to talk about the future of Forbes Preschool, looking at the changes in early childhood in the past six decades.

“The perception of preschool education has really changed,” she pointed out.

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It’s now considered critical to school preparation, and every child attends.

The ball was above all a night of fun and games, the tables themed with children’s artworks, books and puzzles.

Guest artist Gabe Middleton provided music for attendees to dance the night away.

Ms Shine put out a special thanks to Council, well represented on the night with four councillors including Mayor Graeme Miller attending.

October 10 marks the 60 years since the preschool first opened its doors with Mrs Pixie Tom its first director.

The first committee was headed by Dr Dyce, with Dr Dent as vice president.

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