Parents’ chance to see mock crash

Local are invited to attend the final dress rehearsal for this year's mock crash demonstration on Monday 13 August at 7pm.

A scene from the mock crash rehearsals. Photo contributed.

A scene from the mock crash rehearsals. Photo contributed.

The program aims to improve the attitudes and behaviours of young drivers and passengers and is targeted at local Year 10 students.

As in previous years the final dress rehearsal will be open to the public.

Council’s Road Safety and Injury Prevention Officer, Melanie Suitor, said this will be the fourth time that the dress rehearsal has been opened to the public.

"We've found that having a live audience is a real lift to the performance, but there is also quite a lot of interest from parents to see what happens at mock crash,” she said.

"The demonstration starts with some establishing scenes that introduce the characters and set up the mock crash scenario by starting to tell the road safety narrative about what led to the crash.  Then there is a full emergency response to the crash.

“It's very realistic and as close to the real thing as it can be. We finish with victim impact statements from the driver and passengers set six months later, so the audience can see what the longer term effects are.”

The dress rehearsal is not suitable for children under 15. It’s at 7pm at Parkes High School's Multi Purpose Centre and will run about 60 minutes.

More than 500 students from nine local high schools in Forbes, Parkes and Lachlan councils will view the mock crash demonstration during two sessions on Friday 17 August.