Announcement expected on builder for Myer project

The layout approved by Orange City Council to replace the former Myer space.
The layout approved by Orange City Council to replace the former Myer space.

REVISED plans for the former Myer building have been given the green light from Orange City Council, with hopes work can finally begin.

Orange City Centre manager Alceon Group now has approval to proceed with a six-shop food court with five kiosks rather than a Harris Scarfe department store, as originally planned

One mini-major site and 20 retail tenancies were also approved. 

Relocating a fire hydrant and sprinkler system had proven difficult for Alceon and the council, with previous attempts to locate it within the outdoor al fresco area rejected because it was private infrastructure in public space.

Alceon had concerns internal location could restrict the amount of space available to shops, however the matter was resolved by realigning the tenancies and concealing the equipment on the northeast corner of the building, with glass above. 

Councillor Kevin Duffy was concerned a food court with three-hour parking could affect other food businesses in Summer Street.

“Have we got the capacity to maintain them?” he said.

“People will go there because they can have a feed without the worry of parking fines.”

However, councillor Russell Turner pointed out councils did not have the power to refuse DAs based on the proposed business mix.

“I’m confident we’re going to solve the problem of Post Office Lane where we’ve been looking for the past 20 years,” he said.

An Alceon spokeswoman said the group was thrilled to receive approval for the updated plans.

“We look forward to making an announcement shortly on the identity of the builder and the commencement of construction works,” she said. 


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