Paul Baker tops shoot

Results of the Forbes S.S.A.A. sporting shooters .22 calibre rimfire rifle shoot on Sunday, September 5. The weather was warm with wind gusts from the north.

The range officers were; John Dean and Anthony Bratton. Scorer John Dean. 

25m Fox target results: Paul Baker, 280/280; Dennis Finn, 280/280; Lyall Strudwick, 279/280; David Sanderson, 277/280; Greame Freney, 274/280; John Dean, 273/280; Damien White, 255/280; Jennie Carpenter, 228/280 and Anthony Bratton, 228/280;    

50m Fox target results: Paul Baker, 250/250; Lyall Strudwick, 249/250; Dennis Finn, 248/250; David Sanderson, 246/250; John Dean, 243/250; Greame Freney, 240/250; Jennie Carpenter, 236/250; Anthony Bratton, 224/250 and Damien White, 212/250. 

75m Rabbit target results: Paul Baker, 113/120; John Dean, 108/120; Lyall Strudwick, 102/120; Greame Freney, 97/120; David Sanderson, 92/120; Dennis Finn, 84/120; Anthony Bratton, 64/120 and Damien White shot practice only. 

Results of the monthly shoot on Sunday September 9. There were six shooters for the 75 target five stand non graded handicap shoot. The weather was 22 degrees with a south westerly breeze.

David Coleman (Fbs hcp14) 18-18-16 total 52 hcp total 94; Ben Smith (Fbs hcp 14) 12-16-16 total 44 hcp total 86; Leigh Dridan (Condobolin hcp 9) 20-20-18 total 68 hcp total 85; Phil Picker (Fbs hcp8) 21-21-18 total 60 hcp total 84; Garth Gault (Caragabal hcp8) 23-20-16 total 59 hcp total 83; Phil Cleal (Fbs hcp7) 19-21-20 total 60 hcp total 81.  

The next shoot for the sporting clay's will be on Sunday, October 14. This shoot will be a 75 target off the gun field shoot starting at 1pm. Depending on numbers a five stand non graded handicap shoot may be held.

For information Norm Brook on 0458664541, Tony Bratton on 68523349, Ben Smith on 0427524151 or Doug Davis on 68523249.

The next .22 calibre and other rimfire rifle (.22 magnum or .17HMR) shoot is on Sunday, September 16 at 10am. The next Wednesday shoot is on September 19 at 3pm.

For information contact: Wayne Facey, Norm Brook, Ben Smith or David Coleman on 0427401263.