New trainees welcomed at Northparkes mine

Jacob Molloy (right) with the other new trainees at Northparkes mine.
Jacob Molloy (right) with the other new trainees at Northparkes mine.

CMOC-Northparkes Mines (Northparkes) are excited to introduce their eight new mining trainees.

Among the new trainees is Forbes resident Jacob Molloy.

The others come from Peak Hill, Parkes, Trundle, Blayney and Orange.

Ali Standen, Community and External Relations Advisor with Northparkes said: “we understand that getting a job in the mining industry can be challenging with limited or no experience”.

“Earlier this year, we designed a traineeship program to create a ‘foot in the door’ opportunity for local residents who demonstrate initiative, a positive attitude and the desire to work in an underground mining environment,” Ms Standen said.

The structured Mining Traineeship program is a first in many years for Northparkes and its Underground Mining Operations team.

Northparkes says the program is a contribution to its ongoing commitment to developing a skilled and diverse workforce.

Rob Cunningham, Manager – Mining Operations, said, “The traineeship program at Northparkes is a new approach to attract people into mining at an entry level role”.

“The traineeship is creating a pipeline of new people into the mining industry,” Mr Cunningham said.

At the conclusion of the two year traineeship, each trainee will be a multi-skilled miner, having had practical hands on experience, including the opportunity to operate heavy machinery and learn about automation, whilst gaining a nationally recognised Certificate III in Metalliferous Mining.

The trainees, including two female team members, will begin a two year structured program in our Underground Mining Operations team.

Each trainee will spend 12 months working with the underground development crews, six months working with the underground production crews and six months with our underground service crews.

Jim Fowler, Managing Director, Northparkes, said, “Originally the traineeship program was going to be offered to four local candidates, however due to the large number and quality of applications, we made the decision to offer eight traineeships.” 

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