Court to hear hay fire appeal

A former Parkes man, Mathew Clive Amor (38), now living in Forbes, is appealing to the District Court this month after he was jailed in May for two years in relation to a hay fire at Bedgerebong.

Amor was found guilty of destroying 4486 large square bales of hay valued at $826,000.

The hay would fill 109 fully laden 45 foot semi trailers.

If you parked the trucks end to end, they would extend for more than two kilometres.

Amor was sentenced to two years prison commencing on November 6, 2017.

In delivering his sentencing report, Magistrate Stewart said the objective seriousness of the offence committed by Amor and [a co accused], another Forbes man, was at least if not more subjectively serious than a similar crime carried out by notorious criminals Mark and Gino Stocco.

“Amor and [the co accused] went to the property with the intention to burn the hay,” Magistrate Stewart said.

“The Stoccos went to the property to steal diesel, with their intention of destroying property developing on arrival.

“Motives were similar with intended vengeance upon property of those who were perceived to have done something wrong to the offenders.

“The loss was much more substantial in the case of Amor and [the co accused].”

According to facts tendered in court, two hay sheds and the 4486 bales of hay were destroyed by fire at a property at Bedgerebong on January 9, 2017.

CCTV footage shows that just before 10pm on January 9, 2017, [the co accused] filled his vehicle with fuel at the Forbes BP.  

Call charge records from Amor’s and [the co accused’s] mobile phone services from the night of the fire and days prior show that a number of calls were exchanged between the two on January 9.

Soon after the fire, police became aware that Amor and [the co accused] had a falling out.

[The co accused] had previously fallen out with the victim over a contractual dispute and Amor sought payment from a family member of the victim for an uncompleted concreting job.

“This offence represents an attack on property associated with a person whom both Amor and [the co offender] had issues with.

The clear motive was to seek vengeance,” Magistrate Stewart said.