Rain not enough to break the drought

Forbes last week received it’s best rain since November last year but not enough to break the drought after months of below average rainfall.

Even though the 24 hour period up until 9am on Friday was Forbes’ wettest day (26mm) so far this year total falls are still well below the same time last year.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology Forbes has received 154.8mm between January and now, compared with 298.2mm in the same period last year.

Forbes’ October’s rainfall stands at 31.6mm and with rain forecast today and again on Wednesday farmers are hopeful of reaching the long term average for the month of 39mm.

The Bureau is forecasting a 60 per cent chance of 1-5mm today with an 80 per cent chance of a further 1-5mm on Wednesday.

Last week’s rain was more than September (6.8), August 912.2) and July (0.8) combined.

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