Forbes Fins dive in to 2018 training

Forbes Fins with Head Coach Mary Messner in their first year.
Forbes Fins with Head Coach Mary Messner in their first year.

The Forbes Fins are ready to dive into training at the Forbes Olympic Pool with the return of the summer season.

An assessment week will commence at the Forbes Olympic Pool and the Forbes Heated Pool on the first day of the school term, Monday, October 15. This week will determine which of the five squads swimmers will join, and what level of instruction they will receive from a combination of the seven Swim Australia Teacher of Competitive Swimming accredited coaches on board with the Fins.

The Forbes Fins will then run squad sessions for four days a week for the next 20 weeks. Programs are implemented under the guidance of Head Coach Mary Messner.

Juliet Hodder, from the Forbes Fins, said training times for the squads are both before and after school, and that the Fins host a Club Night on Fridays where swimmers can test their skills.

“Our goal, as it has been for the last two years, is to promote water confidence and encourage participation at school level swimming. Additionally we want to create an environment of improvement and enjoyment in the water for kids who swim for recreation, for fitness and for competition”

The Forbes Fins accept swimmers into their squads who are school age or over five years old and independent in the water.

For information or to sign up for the Forbes Fins, head to their Facebook page or email