Youth on the big screen

The Break it Down project premieres on Thursday, December 6.
The Break it Down project premieres on Thursday, December 6.

Members of the community are invited to join members of Forbes High School, Yoorana Gunya and the Indigenous community for the premiere of locally made music and film production ‘Break it Down On’.

The premiere will be hosted at Forbes Town Hall 5pm on Thursday, December 6.

A music video titled ‘The Real World’ and a short film features in the premiere and aims to start a conversation about and celebrate the resilience of the Wiradjuri people.

The Break it Down project is based on community conversations around mental health. The music video and short film aims to lead a community campaign to raise awareness, educate and ‘break down’ the stigmas attached to mental health.

The music video was written and created by Culture Connect in conjunction with the Desert Pea Media crew. Culture Connect is a group of young Original Nations artists and was created by the students who took part in the production.

The song ‘The Real World’ is a hip hop/rap anthem that aims to start a conversation about social issues including The Stolen Generation, institutionalised racism, domestic violence, grief and trauma.

Donna Bliss from Yoorana Gunya said the two week long project was really good for the young people who got involved and boosted their confidence.

Ms Bliss said that the two week project was good for Forbes and the whole community pulled together to create the short film and music video.

Desert Pea Media came to Forbes in October and hosted conversations with the local Indigenous community about culture, community, history, young people and mental health.

Ms Bliss said Kaye McClenahan from Yoorana Gunya had a major hand in helping organise and run the project while it was in Forbes as a project manager.

Desert Pea Media CEO and Creative Director Toby Finlayson said it was a great pleasure working with the community and young people involved in the two week long project.

“The enthusiasm, focus and generosity of the community made the entire process and absolute pleasure to be a part of. We feel very grateful and honoured to learn, share and create the the mob on Wiradjuri country,” Mr Finlayson said.