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Hot Work: ‘Les Little shaping to conquer the elements, very trying on the green with strong winds and hot temperatures.

Hot Work: ‘Les Little shaping to conquer the elements, very trying on the green with strong winds and hot temperatures.

The conditions for golf on the weekend were very trying with strong winds and hot temperatures. But the Forbes golfers showed true grit, with many players overcoming the elements and returning good scores.

On Saturday, January 5 the Mens Monthly Medal was played, sponsored by long-term stalwart Linden Byrne. The majority of the field of 64 tried to play early to beat the conditions, but some good scores were returned by later players.

The A grade winner was Kim Herbert, whose 69 nett showed remarkable consistency in the conditions. He was pushed all the way by the eventual runner up Peter Dawson with his 70 nett. They were equal on handicap for the front-nine, but Kim’s two on the 18th gave him the edge.

The B grade produced the same scores for winner and runner up. Dale Rogers (Peak Hill) excelled on the back-nine to produce his nett 69, while Phil Duke was ultra-consistent for his 70 nett.

However, the Medal is awarded to Phil Dukes because Dale is a visitor and thus ineligible for it.

The C grade had a similar margin although slightly higher scores. Winner Frank Donohoe managed to control the elements and be consistent on each half for his 74 nett. Runner up Les Little did well overall but stumbled on the last few holes, finishing with 75 nett.

The ball sweep went to 74 nett on count back: 69 – D Rogers, K Herbert; 70 – P Duke, P Dawson; 71 – N McMillan, B Everest, M Cahill; 72 – J Zannes, M Haley; 73 - C Dwyer, P Kay, P Maher; D Churchill, F Donohoe, Michael Wood, P Grayson, R Nixon.

The NTP’s went to: ninth – P Nixon, 18th – K Herbert. The conditions were tough, resulting in only two twos being scored overall. One was by Kim on the 18th and the other by Terry Griffiths on the third, which seemed to knock him for the rest of the round.

A number of visitors enjoyed the course if not the weather. They included, from Parkes – M McGlashan, L Buesnell, from Peak Hill – A Brownlow, D Rogers, and our very own Ben Gear in his first competitive game on the course. Welcome all.

The conditions were very windy, very hot and near unbearable at times. Add to this the threat of a thunderstorm for the late starters towards the end of their round, and it is easy to see the courage the Forbes golfers displayed.

The wind did play havoc with many shots. Playing across the wind it was difficult to gauge the sideways movement. One player tried to fade his tee shot on the first into the wind, and ended up beside the 17th green.

It was difficult playing with the wind, with many players ‘airmailing’ the approach to the greens on second and 16th holes. Then playing into the wind took a low, punchy shot to ensure the ball did not finish behind you.

Some players did manage to handle the conditions well, only to falter on the greens with poor putting. Many a score was disadvantaged by three- and four-putts from close range. Just ask Paul Kay for one.

Graham Newport had an unfortunate traverse down the 15th. His tee shot was severely snaffled by the first trees on the left. His second was a beauty, but led to a poor decision to carry the creek, which he did not. On for five and down for seven.

A familiar story for many on that hole, and one that Maurie Westwood would gladly have swapped for his score. The beauty of golf is that the challenge is always there and one day he shall succeed.

The most unfortunate shot of the day goes to Ecky Dawson. He was alongside two of his playing partners who had e-mailed (a perverse form of airmailed in bad weather) the second hole with their second shots.

But Ecky’s shot held the green and he was looking at an eagle – not the feathered variety. But his easily read, and no qualms putt slipped by, resulting in only a birdie.

There was also the use of the competitive effort to help each other along. Neil McMillan and Max Haley, playing as a pair after two of their group dropped out, did well, exhorting each other to play well.

They finished up with 71 nett and 72 nett respectively. Well done guys.

The Sunday Stableford Medley saw a field of 9 players get out and enjoy a relaxation of the vexing conditions. And once again the cream rose to the top in this popular event.

Yes, Peter Grayson was the winner, edging home with 34 points. Peter almost had a monopoly on this event towards the end of 2018, and he has started 2019 with a real winner’s gleam in his eye. Runner up was Brendan Chambers from Parkes, with 33 points.

There was no ball sweep. The NTP’s were stolen by Parkes players, with the: ninth – B Chambers; 18th – J Van Opynen. Good shooting by those players.

Nice Play: Stuart Gordon, concentrating on his shot playing to the 13th green.

Nice Play: Stuart Gordon, concentrating on his shot playing to the 13th green.

Here is the news

Another New Rules Presentation was held last night. If you missed it do not despair as other sessions will be run soon. There is published material available in the Pro Shop, some Notices to Members, and of course your new handbook.

Players are advised that The Annual Australian two person, two club Ambrose, sponsored by the Australian-wide acclaimed Cahill’s Footwear, has been moved to Saturday, January 19.

This will ensure the Australia Day Long weekend is available for family activities. Do not forget to put your name down for the 2019 CWDGA Pennants, which will commence on February 3. 

Please put your name on the Nomination Sheet displayed on the Notice board. Players are selected into Divisions based on Handicaps, with your handicap as at mid-Jan being the determinant.

I trust you have already been tuning up for the re-commencement of the Sixes Competition on January 14. The Final and End-of-Season Night is to be held on April 7.

The 2019 Programme Book will be printed soon. Note that the 2019 NSW Vets Programme Book is available at the Pro Shop. There are sufficient copies for current Vets members, aspiring Vets players, and any interested persons. Just ask at the counter for one.

Pairing Up: Greg Webb concentrating on his putt while Brian Doyle watches closely.

Pairing Up: Greg Webb concentrating on his putt while Brian Doyle watches closely.

It is crystal ball time

Saturday, January 12 is scheduled for an 18-hole Stroke comp sponsored by Rob Allen Livestock Transport. Sunday, January 14 is the Stableford Medley.

Saturday, January 19 is the two person two club Ambrose, sponsored by Cahill’s Footwear, followed by the Stableford Medley on the Sunday.

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