Golden Plough work begins on weekend

Bill Norris (left) and Mark Riley ploughing a straight line.

Bill Norris (left) and Mark Riley ploughing a straight line.

The Western Branch of the Australian Draught Horse Stud Book Society are holding a training weekend at the Eugowra Showground this weekend 9th and 10th February.

This will be a working weekend which will include long reining, log snigging, side obstacle and pumpkin snatch (time permitting) with emphasis on ploughing as a lead up to the Golden Plough Competition event which will be held on the long weekend in June.

Mark the long weekend in your diary to head to Eugowra for a rare chance to watch the mighty horses work the land.

Starting time for this Saturday’s preparation will be 8-30am safety talk/meeting (everybody handling a horse over the weekend must attend)

9am action time

All members are most welcome to attend this weekend.

Public spectators are most welcome to come and join in.

Day membership is available and if you attend/handling a horse is necessary for insurance purposes.