Forbes golfing goodness | Despite the greens renovations in progress many players scored very well

Ind Stableford Group: H Steel-Park, B Tooth, D Earl, B Duff caught wandering down the 12th as they enjoy their game.
Ind Stableford Group: H Steel-Park, B Tooth, D Earl, B Duff caught wandering down the 12th as they enjoy their game.

A beautiful course greeted the golfers on the weekend. Despite the greens renovations in progress many scored very well, leading to a pack of players surging to the finish line with the same score.

The Saturday Mens comp was an Individual Stableford, sponsored by Ian Simpson Real Estate. Some of the 70 players covered a lot of ground looking for their home on the greens, while others followed directions and put their bids in for a good score.

The A Division results looked like a Beach Flag race at a Surf Carnival with a huge group vying for first place. In the end the winner, decided on count back, was Ethan Gaffney with 40 points. Runner-up was Josh Coulthurst, also on 40 points. He beat Laurie O’Connor, John Zannes and Barry Parker, all on 40 points. There was a bundle on 39 points, and so it continued down the list.

Ethan was only five-over for eight holes on the front-nine, but an eight on the second was not good. His back-nine was a blitz, finishing only three-over the card. Josh had a similar day, but two double-bogeys on the back-9 took the edge off his score.

The B Division saw a Winx-like bolter lead the field. Viv Russell started with a wipe then took a tight hold on the reins and cantered home to score 44 points. Close on his heels was Bede Tooth who finished on 42 points. Both players used their handicaps well. And once again there was a lolly scramble close behind them. Bob Borger stood alone on 41, but Ash Tucker, Stevie G and Hamish Steel-Park finished on 40 points with others close behind.

The ball sweep went to 38 points, with lucky players being: 44 – V Russell; 42 – B Tooth; 41 – R Borger; 40 – E Gaffney, J Coulthurst, L O’Connor, J Zannes, B Parker, A Tucker, S Grallelis, H Steel-Park; 39 - B Hodges, M Collits, B Shine, M Prior, P Dawson; 38 – G Newport, I Bown and D Mylecharane.

The NTP’s went to: 9th – P Maher; 18th – B Everest. The greens were receptive to high shots attacking the pin, but putting needed a concerted effort to get the ball to the hole. Consequently, only seven twos were scored, with the 9th being the most prolific. The only visitor was Andrew Brownlow (Peak Hill), who enjoyed the sandy-grass greens.

The battle of the twos needs some mention. Bede Tooth was the only leader to score a two, that coming on the 3rd. Barry Shine and Mark Watts managed one each on the 18th for their Divisions. But the ninth had the fireworks.

Richard Nixon usurped Dave Mylecharane by dropping his shot about 12 inches behind the pin, with a very short roll from there. Richard thought he was shoe-in for the prize.

However, in the last group of the day, with the second last shot of the day on that hole, Phil Maher played a shot that landed about six inches left off the pin and stopped dead, and thus skittled Richard for the NTP. But, nevertheless they were two very fine shots.

Putting was easy for those two, but not for many others. There were an alarming number of missed short putts. George Falvey bemoaned his four missed putts from inside two feet, mainly because they helped him lose the money in their group.

Another to have a missed short putt cost him was Brodie Hodges. His little tiddler missed meant he finished one shot behind the A Division leaders, but he consoled himself with probably still missing out on count back. But how nice it would have been to have gone it.

If it was not missed shots, it was wayward shots that cost a player a good score. Bruce Carpenter was a little out of sorts, with unusual ‘shape’ on his ball flight. On one occasion his ball flittered left, a slice for a left-hander, and rolled near to the base of a tree. Being a Leftie he may have had a chance at a swing, except that there was a big tree root alongside the back of the ball. Not nice, but he got out.

On the very next hole, his playing partner Jeff House had a similar experience. But this time his shot went right, and finished at the base of a tree, neatly sitting between two pieces of attached bark. No choice but to take an unplayable.

The Forbes course is considered a flat course, with challenging greens. An undulating course would be the next step up before a steep course. But what if your course was neither flat nor undulating? The answer is unduflatly. This word has bene sent to the English Oxford Dictionary for ratification before becoming accepted as an adjective.

Speaking of flat courses, we may need to bury the Ladies tee markers. One player, teeing off on the 12th, hit his ball so low and so hard that it scorched the grass blades, hit one of the Ladies tee markers and rebounded high over the pine trees, finishing neatly in the middle of the 6th fairway.

In the group, Terry Griffiths could not stop laughing for two holes, Paul Kay was without words for the hole, but Craig reminded Player Al Rees of the incident for the remainder of the game.

The Stableford Medley on Sunday, returned to a small but loyal band of players, bolstered by the return of the Ladies. But all enjoyed the beautiful weather. The winner was Jeff Haley with 39 points. He had 22 points on the front-9, but settled back to coach brother Max throughout the back nine. Runner-up was Barb Drabsch who was well pleased with her 36 points.

There was no ball sweep. The NTP’s were a bit light on. Jeff Haley got the NTPO on the ninth, and even then he was only just on the front of the green. But everybody missed the 18th green so no NTP there.

Here is the News

The CWDGA Pennants 2019 is now into the Finals stages. On Sunday the Forbes Division 1 team travelled to Wellington to contest a semi-final against last year’s winners Mudgee. But our guys acquitted themselves well, winning the match 4/1.

Mark Collits led the team off, bring his match home with a 4/3 win. Dan Bayley followed, also finishing with a win but very close being 1-up at the finish. Peter Dawson battled hard, but eventually lost 2/1 in a tough battles. Shane Sallaway was determined and focused, which resulted in a two-up win to him. Finally, Steve Betland had a leisurely stroll to win 3/2.

Now they face Bathurst in what will be a very tough match. Many of the Bathurst players are ‘+’ handicap players, but I am sure the Forbes fortitude will ensure our guys give it their best with nothing but a win in their sights. We all wish them well.

Coming up. Firstly we have the annual ‘Rugby Union President’s Golf Day’ set for Friday, March 22. This is a four person Ambrose, commencing at 12:30pm following registrations at 11:30am. Cost is Members - $25, Non-members - $50. There is a Charity BBQ lunch. This is great Fun Day that starts the Rugby Union weekend off on the right foot. All players welcome. Then on Saturday, March 30 we have the Sanderson Memorial Day. This is a four-Ball Ambrose Medley. Contact the Pro Shop for more information.

In April we have the Forbes Vets ‘Week of Golf’, scheduled for April 8-12. Nomination forms are available at the Pro Shop, and need to be in by March 25 so that catering and field draws can be made.

The week starts with a 4BBB Stableford Medley, then three days of Individual Stableford (rest day on Wednesday) culminating in the NSW VGA Stableford Shield. I shall continue to reminder you of the change in date for the Forbes Open. It will be held on the weekend of 18, 19 May and not the May 11-12. Also, the Events Committee is running a Raffle, with first prize being the fantastic golf cart on display in the Golfie. Tickets are available at the Pro Shop.

Another innovation is the ‘Putt for Dough’ contest on Thursday nights. Buy a ticket, then have a go to sink a long putt, using the special Golfie putter. The cash prize is shared or jackpots. Four sessions each night.

Crystal Ball Time

Saturday, March 16  is a 4BBB Stableford, sponsored by C&D Floorcoverings. Sunday is the Stableford Medley, and the Pennants finals at a venue to be advised.

Short Putt

Flashing Flourish in Final Round

The 16th and final round-robin of the ASI Capital sponsored Forbes Sixes Summer Golf Competition saw players determined to finish with a flourish, posting some of the best scores of the competition.

The team scores this week were mostly close to ‘100’, with many teams wanting to improve their Pool positions at the “eleventh hour”. This ensured that no team could be complacent, especially those on the three or four and five or six cusp in the Pool rankings.

A slip-up now could mean a difficult road in the Finals series. Once again winning margins were around 5 points, although some teams were fortunate to have their opposition unavailable.

The best Team scores this week went to – Pool 1: Grant Howell AE 103; Pool 2: Forbes Toyota and Hot to Pop, both on 105; Pool 3: Hook Drive and Sink it 95.5. Unfortunately, despite a win Grant Howell AE dropped a position, but Hot to Pop jumped up to 2nd behind Forbes Toyota. Then, Hook Drive & Sink It stayed where they were.

It must have been the good fairway conditions and that allowed the players to attack the pins, knowing the renovation work would make the greens soft.

No one team dominated the ball winners results for each Pool, with almost every team represented among the best scores list. The best Members players overall were Hamish Steel-Park (30.5), Julie Wood (32) and Phil Wells (32). The best Non-members scores were Allan Williams (31.5), Alf Watts (32), and Grant Howell (32.5).

The ball winners were:

  • Pool 1 – G Howell, S Black, S Grallelis, J Schall, P O’Connell, N Wright, P Perry and K Steele-Park.
  • Pool 2 – J Wood, P Wells, A Cogswell, N Ryan, K Biles, D Sly, G Johnston and D Earl.
  • Pool 3 – H Steele-Park, A Williams, A Watts, K Collits, M Duff, A wood, B Robinson, and S Redfern.

Thus, at the end of the round-robin the Pool leaders are: Pool 1 – Hit n Miss, F-Troop; Pool 2 – Forbes Toyota, Hot to Pop; Pool 3 – Just for Fun, Cobblers Crew.

Forbes Toyota has been dominant in their Pool all comp, but the teams in other Pools have risen like a Phoenix in some cases.

The Finals Series starts this week with the Quarter-finals.

The Pools are split into top four, who contest the Pool Final, and lower-four who contest the Plate Final.

Then in each group it is 1 versus 2, 3 versus 4, for the top and 5 versus 6, 7 versus 8 in the lower.

The winner of ‘1 versus 2’ and ‘5 versus 6’ get a free step to the Final while the others play knock-out.

The Semi-finals will be played duringMarch 18-24, Finals in the week 25-31 Mar and the Grand Final on Apr 7.

Wow, what a finish to the round-robin. All teams have a crack this week, so the pressure is still there to perform well. It will build to a crescendo on April 7!

Smooth Swinger

Ladies Golf

For those that could not find last weeks results in Fridays paper it was in Tuesday, March 12.

We are now back to the regular Friday issue.Saturday, March 9 Loomzys Fish and Fix sponsored our Stableford competition with score of the day including the men was 46 Points scored by Louise French.

Runner up was Kate Steele Park with 40 points.

These girls are only into their second year of playing 18 holes so congratulations well done.

Louise also had nearest the pin on 18th. Kerry Stirling on ninth. Ball Sweep to Kate and Barb Drabsch.

Just a reminder to players that if you win a trophy division this year you miss out on a ball.

Wednesday was a busy day with 22 players heading out to enjoy the calm mild conditions with a near perfect course.

Pantry Cafe was our sponsor in two Divisions Stroke. Division One 0-25 winner was Bess Shields nett 67 and Runner Up Ethel Coombs 74 on a countback from two others.

Division Two winner with a low 66 nett was Julie Wood who just made the game look so easy. Julie also won the putting Competition with 30 putts.

Runner up Sarah Black with 73 nett. NTP ninth Ev Uphill and 18th Bev Gerdes.

Ball Sweep to Ethel, Sarah, Sally C and Meg S.

The Monthly Medal was run in conjunction in three Divisions. Division 1 handicap 0-22 winner was Janet Smith. Division 2, 23 -28 Bess Shields and Division 3 29-45 Julie Wood. Congratulations.

This Saturday, March 16 one of the best coffee spots in town, Cafe Aglio and Olio sponsor our Stableford round in one Division with Enid on Cards.

Next Wednesday, March 20 is a Stableford in two Divisions with Ev on cards.

Roving Reporter