The Easter - Christmas connection

Easter and Christmas are my most favourite times of the year! It's a challenge to say this when we understand the completeness of Good Friday.

Why do we call this day 'good' Friday? Jesus hung on the cross!

A reply which we all should hear...If you were to be nailed to a cross and someone volunteered to take your place, how would you feel? Reply...'GOOD'!

We cannot have Easter without Christmas or Christmas without Easter!

While on our travels way up in the Corner Country with the Bush Church Aid and leading a service for Easter, a young lady asked, "So tell this baby Jesus related to Jesus on the cross?"

Hopefully this is the question we all ask or are reminded of, in our walk to Good Friday and through to Easter Sunday.

This is the Christian message of hope. It is the confident expectation and anticipation of all God has promised.

The followers were devastated and crushed by the crucifixion and they were floundering.

In a very short time, they would be full of flight into the fullness of a new day.

Jesus was born for a purpose, he lived and taught well his followers, but we are reminded of our need to maintain our faithfulness in the face of opposition.

Jesus gave us the way and vision to see 'a new heaven and a new earth'.

My answer to the young lady was yes, this 'Jesus' spoken of, came to save the world and gave us hope. Hope which completely defeated sin and death and brought the presence of God to those who love Him.

May many blessings be upon your Easter.

Reverend Crystal Spindler, St John's Anglican Church Forbes