Cattle sell cheaper, lamb prices firm

Tuesday's sheep and lamb sale saw 29,050 yarded, with 19,800 of those lambs. File photo.
Tuesday's sheep and lamb sale saw 29,050 yarded, with 19,800 of those lambs. File photo.

Meat and Livestock Australia market report

Numbers eased to 1277, down 1007 on the previous week, at Monday's cattle sale and the quality was very mixed. Yearlings were well supplied and there was a small run of weaners and grown steers. Cows made up a large percentage of the offering.

The market trend was mostly cheaper. Weaners sold 20c to 25c cheaper, with steers making from 160c to 251c, as heifers sold from 100c to 165c/kg.

The heavy butcher vealers made from 290c to 297c/kg. Medium weight feeder steers were 15c stronger and heavy weights were firm, making from 240c to 307c/kg.

Feeder heifers averaged 6c cheaper, receiving from 200c to 270c/kg. Heavy trade heifers were close to firm, reaching 270c/kg. Grown steers sold from 247c to 280c/kg.

Cows were back 18c to 25c, with the medium weight 2 score cows making from 122c to 173c, as the heavy 3 and 4 scores sold from 175c to 208c/kg. The 4 score cows averaged 204c/kg.

Lamb numbers fell on Tuesday, with a yarding of 29,050, and the quality was good with plenty of supplementary feed trade and heavy lambs offered.

Light lambs were back in numbers and there was reasonable numbers of Merino trade weights. All the usual buyers were operating.

Light spit lambs were $8 dearer and sold from $124 to $138/head. Restockers paid to $149/head for lambs to feed on.

Trade lambs were firm with the 18kg to 22kg lambs $144 to $173, the 22kg to 24kg lambs $166 to $184/head, averaging 735c to 760c/kg cwt.

Heavy lambs 24 to 26kg made from $170 to $190 averaging 700c and extra heavy lambs sold from $185 to $235/head or 645c to 680c/kg cwt. Merino trade weights sold from $129 to $175/head.

Mutton numbers lifted and the quality was fair to good. Prices sold to a cheaper trend of $9 to $11/head.