Watch a python devour tawny frogmouth on a Crescent Head verandah

Nicola Moore started the day with a morning coffee on her deck, but unlike every other morning, she stumbled upon the end of a death match.

A yellow diamond python and a tawny frogmouth were locked in mortal combat.

"We went out for our morning coffee, and we noticed a few feathers on the ground, then I looked up and just above my head the snake was devouring the tawny frogmouth," Nicola, from Crescent Head on the NSW mid-north coast said.

"It was insane."

"It was a yellow diamond python, he was at least 2m, the thickest part of the snake would have been the size of my 14-year-olds wrist, and the frogmouth wasn't small either, it was adult sized, probably would have had a wingspan of about 1m."

After the initial shock had passed, Nicola and her family watched in fascination as the snake tried to eat its hard-won prize.

"We watched it slowly devour the tawny frogmouth. It went head-first, then began to work its way down," she said.

After a valiant effort, the snake was eventually forced to abandon its meal and search for smaller prey, leaving the grisly remains for Nicola to clean up.

"The snake eventually vomited the frogmouth up on the lawn, it couldn't get past the wings.

"His eyes must have been bigger than its belly," Nicola said.

"We see tawny frogmouths around a fair bit. They perch on the mailbox and the deck. Never seen the snake before, he is probably lurking around here somewhere, we might see him again."