Tech-savvy seniors returning to Forbes Library

Forbes Library is pleased to announce a continuation of their computer help programs.

Tech Savvy Seniors are free computer classes presented in partnership with Telstra, the NSW Government and the State Library covering subjects like smartphones, tablets, internet, social media and photos.

Forbes Librarian Bronwyn Clark says it is important for seniors to have skills with digital technology to keep them connected with family and friends, and remain independent in accessing government and other online services.

Some people can struggle when faced with complicated online facilities like email, facebook or online forms. Tech Savvy Seniors can help them to make sense of this online world and share their learning with others who have similar experiences, she said.

"People are really grateful when we can help solve a technology problem," Bronwyn said.

"We are pleased when people are able to communicate with friends and family when they are far away or use library resources online like borrowing an audiobook."

Tech Savvy classes are held in small groups with extra assistance to help people individually.


Forbes' tech-savvy seniors sessions are held on Fridays. The schedule is:

3 May 11am - 1pm Introduction to smartphones

17 May 11am - 1pm Introduction to tablets

31 May 11am - 1pm Introduction to social media

7 June 11am - 1pm Introduction to smartphones

Please book your place by calling Forbes Library on 6852 1463.