Discovering our Doctors: the final panels unveiled in 2019

The final panels in the Discovering our Doctors project were unveiled at Town Hall last Thursday night, with many of our former doctors and their families returning for the celebration.

The panels record the history of Forbes' medical services across the generations.

From the original vision, to recognise the beginnings of the two medical practices that combined to form the Forbes Medical Centre, the project has expanded to include Forbes' nurses, aged care, private hospitals and more.

It was fitting that the project's final chapter was unveiled in the Town Hall, Dr Neale Somes said at Thursday night's celebration, as the story of our doctors was really the story of the Forbes community.

Dr Somes recounted just some of the memories of the town's earlier GPs: doctors stranded in floods and transported by tractor, and using Church Street as a runway for a small plane during floods.

"The stories on these panels are I think more about the Forbes community, this extremely resilient town that is resourceful in looking after its community," he said.

There are now 13 local doctors featured on individual panels: this year's new panels feature Dr Katherine Stanley and Dr Untung Laksito who were there to unveil them.

Also present were representatives of doctors whose panels were revealed earlier, including Liz McLean, Frank and Dianna Kelleher, Helen, Richard and Kerrie Dent, Antoinette Dyce, David Palmer and his sister Lorraine, John and Linda Delohery and Frank Young.


Mayor Phyllis Miller praised the vision of Dr Neale Somes and the diligent research of Kerry Neaylon to create the panels and "ensure this rich history is not lost".

"It's so lovely to celebrate all of the wonderful doctors, nurses, medical specialists who have been a part of our rich history here in Forbes," she said.

"I personally thank Kerry Neaylon - her dedication and commitment in the research putting this together and telling these stories that will be there forever is amazing."

The panels tell the story of the Harold Street Medical Centre as far back as 1877, and the Cross Street Surgery back to 1933.

Mayor Miller also congratulated the doctors from those two surgeries who worked together to form the one Forbes Medical Centre, which opened in 2010.

"I must congratulate every medical person involved in that - they saw the greater good for the community of Forbes," she said.

The stories of Dr Lakie and Dr Stanley to come.