Forbes golfing goodness | Of the 62 players in the field only five finished on level Par or better.

Tricky Spot: Richard Nixon attempting a skillful shot around a tree. Photo supplied.

Tricky Spot: Richard Nixon attempting a skillful shot around a tree. Photo supplied.

Eye on the Prize: Ralph Baker intently watching the progress of his ball after a recovery shot. Photo supplied.

Eye on the Prize: Ralph Baker intently watching the progress of his ball after a recovery shot. Photo supplied.

Once again sunny skies welcomed golfers to the course, although a testy little breeze made it chilly for any players in the shade. But the scoring was once again quite hot.

A change in the programme On Saturday caught some players out who were expecting an easy day, but the Individual Stroke, sponsored by B&C Autos, was well contested. Of the 62 players in the field only five finished on level Par or better. Some players were not firing on all cylinders and definitely needed a tune up, while others purred along nicely. And then some had bursts of good fortune followed by bursts of very low performance.

The A Division was led by Shane Sallaway who fired a 73 scratch score to finish with nett 70. He started with a triple bogey, but three birdies levelled his score. A birdie to start the back-nine was good but a few untimely bogeys resulted in a dropped shot or two. Josh Coulthurst felt good all day, except for a series of holes in the middle of the front-nine where he started with a three and successively worked out to a seven before getting things in order. His 71 nett was good enough for runner-up.

The B Division led by the 'gentleman's gentleman'. Rod Besgrove had a "salt and pepper" front-nine, followed by a consistent run of sixes on the back-nine to finish with a nett 71. He had a tidy margin over runner-up Allan Rees who had a roller-coaster ride but still managed a nett 73.

The ball sweep went to 74 on count-back: 70 - S Sallaway; 71 - J Coulthurst, R Besgrove; 72 - D Rhodes, D Bayley; 73- J Haley, A Rees, G Falvey, B Parker, D Culley, R Harrison (Parkes), B Everest, J Betland; 74 - C Barrett, D McAuliffe and T Griffiths.

The NTP's went to: ninth - J Haley; 18th - S Betland. Both pins were contested eagerly with the 18th having five players on the card. However, 2's were hard to come by. Jeff Haley had a lone two on the ninth, while four were scored on the third hole.

The visitors included Ben Reed (Forster-Tuncurry), and Riall Harrison and Tony Lock from Parkes. They all had reasonable rounds. Once the players got into the Golfie they were keen to recount their stories and quench their thirsts.

Maybe the over-par scores were a result of the many 'putts that shaved the hole'. Richard Nixon had his fair share with at least four "shaves", which if they had dropped would have put him in the running. Instead it meant he lost the money.

Although in truth, his opponent Ralph Baker was on fire, ably assisted by Stevie G. Ralph was relaxed after returning from an extended travel period. But he and Stevie teamed well, forcing Richard and Niel Duncan to score pars to halve holes, which were rare as the putts shaved the hole.

Anthony Alley does well to encourage his son Lachlan onto the course each week. Lachlan is showing improvement, but his development would not have ben helped by Saturday's game.

Playing in the same group, Clayton Alley played three shots and still was 'three off the tee' without going OB. A shank which cannoned into the fence, and another which found the garden led to a very difficult start, and perhaps a lesson about what can go wrong. Lachlan beat both dad and uncle on the 1st hole.

There must have been something in the weather, as other shanks were played around the course, some of which led to the amusement of others. Dan Bayley and Todd Callaghan were playing the 12th and giving some ribbing to players from the 11th hole who had strayed a little. But then both Todd and Dan shanked their second shots, resulting in a bogey to Todd and par to Dan on one of the easiest holes for these guys.

A catastrophe of another kind must have befallen Brodie Hodges. He was I the first group of the day and recorded the highest nett of the day. He partnered Ben 'Skegs' Reed, who was down for Vanfest, so maybe they spent too much time singing and not enough time concentrating, as they certainly were swinging a lot.

Maurie Westwood was ecstatic when he scored a birdie, as usually his score comprises mainly bogeys. But this birdie cost Maurie a shot, as it was a pigeon struck by Maurie's tee shot on the second hole, and halted the progress of his ball down the fairway. But Maurie will dine for a long time with his 'birdie on the second hole'.

Paul Kay had a difficult time on the back-nine during his round. Playing with fewer than the allowed 14 clubs, Paul had to "manufacture" some interesting chips around the green. He had misplaced his sand wedge, by leaving it leaning against a tree near the 9th green after the wedge had misbehaved on a shot.

It took him until the 13th hole before he realised it was missing, and then anxiety trauma crept in. He was thankful to be reunited with it during the presentation.

The Stableford Medley on Sunday was played by a small group of devoted players who all enjoyed the sunny conditions.

The winner was Bruce Carpenter, again, with a steady 36 points. His front-nine was ordinary but he played under his handicap on the back-9. The Runner-up was Barb Drabsch Bayley on 35 points. But for a couple of misses she would have won the day.

There weren't enough for a ball sweep, but the NTP's have a story. Barb snared the NTP on the 9th, being the only one to find the green. Then the 18th lay bare as nobody got it all day.

Here is the News:

The Winter 3's competition commenced this week, with a good response for numbers. Results will be advised next week, but with the sunny conditions there have been some good scores handed in.

The Forbes Open will be held this weekend. Saturday has a 4BBB, sponsored by Forbes Livestock and Agency Co, while Sunday has the Open Stroke event. This again is a Regional Qualifier for the NSW Open so zip out and watch some good players try their luck.

A Junior Coaching Programme will be run by Pro Adrian Lees during the School second term. This programme will target juniors in three age groups, providing activities on all facets of golf through practice sessions and game time. The sessions will alternate between Forbes and Parkes so parents and juniors can work around other family commitments.

Contact the Forbes Pro Shop (6851 1554) or Adrian (0423 356670) for full details.

Just a heads-up to players that some more Programme Changes will occur in July, September and January. More on those as we get closer to those months, but contact Captain Steve if you want specific information.

Crystal Ball Time:

This weekend we have the Saturday 4BBB and the Sunday Forbes Open. The sponsors, Forbes Livestock & Agency, and Forbes Shire and Forbes Golfie Hotel welcome your support in these events.

Saturday 25 May we have an 18-Hole Stableford, playing for the Wilf Hodges Trophy. Sunday we have a Stableford Medley at Forbes, but there is also the West Wyalong Mens Open. Registration is from 9am with paly commencing at 9:30 am. Let Captain Steve know if you are interested in attending, so that catering can be arranged.

Short Putt

Ladies Golf

Following on from last weeks Ladies Tournament results I have just reported on the Forbes girls that were successful in the Stableford events, also there are photos on the Advocate site in the photo gallery.

Kerry Stirling won Division One with( 34) and Colleen Bratton (17) won the Back nine on a count-back. Division Two Ev Uphill (34) won 18 Hole Stableford and Christine Davies won the front nine with 17 points.

Division Three Winner was Alison Kingston (30) on a countback from Julie Wood. Sarah Black won the Back 9 with 18 points. Last Saturday

Gottaluvit sponsored a Stroke event. Winner of Division One was Colleen Venables (74) and Division Two winner Sally Perry (78). NTP ninth Colleen Venables and 18th Enid Baker.

On Wednesday 15th Elders Insurance sponsored a Stableford event in Division 1 and once again Colleen Venables was the winner with 37 points and Jill Cripps coming in as runner up with 34.

NTP ninth Janet Smith and 18th Doreen Barnes. Ball Sweep to Jill Cripps and Jill Morgan and Barb Drabsch on 33 points. Well done to all the winners and place getters and thank you to our sponsors.

This Saturday a Stableford is on in One Division it will be a busy weekend as the mens Open Tournament is on both days but no play for the girls on Sunday. Coming up on May 22 is a Stableford with Teresa on cards and for anyone wanting to play among the Autumn leaves Orange Ex Services Open Tournament is on Friday, May 24.

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