Join Eugowra's Biggest Morning Tea on May 23

Jenny Derwent, Dora Glasson, Yvonne Smalley and Lalla Weekes enjoying Eugowra's Biggest Morning Tea 2018.
Jenny Derwent, Dora Glasson, Yvonne Smalley and Lalla Weekes enjoying Eugowra's Biggest Morning Tea 2018.

The Biggest Morning Tea in Eugowra, a community run event, will be held at the home of Mick and Sharon Radwick on Pye Street (opposite the Catholic Community Hall) on Thursday May 23 starting from 10am.

There will be a guest speaker at 11.15am and 100 clubs and raffles are all part of the fundraiser for the Cancer Council. The competitions will be drawn about 1pm.

Everyone is welcome to go along and enjoy the tasty food provided, the guest speaker and the company of others who are interested in raising funds for this cause.

Besides parking in the street, the Catholic School will allow parking in the grounds of the Catholic Community Hall.

The following information is provided by Ricky Puata the Community Lead of Western Region Cancer Council NSW.

Ricky was the guest speaker at Colin and Yvonne Smalleys' when they hosted the local Biggest Morning Tea.

Australia's Biggest Morning Tea is a host-based event held Australia wide on the fourth Thursday of May each year.

It is the largest host-based event in the southern hemisphere and has been running for 26 years this year.

In 2018 the event raised more than $4.2 million.

The Cancer Council, together with volunteers, supporters, stakeholders and staff, is committed to reducing the impact of cancer on individuals and the community and to lessening the burden for people affected by cancer.

They work across every area of every cancer:

  • conducting and finding world class research that underpins our work across the cancer journey
  • preventing cancer
  • supporting people as they navigate the cancer journey
  • advocating to ensure that Governments take action on cancer

Their work also covers all stages of the cancer journey.

Prevention programs start in NSW schools with Sunsmart and 'Eat it to beat it' resources; they have Understanding Cancer resources and a phone line (13 11 20) for those affected by cancer to access information and support from specialists, as well as a transport to treatment program.

The Cancer Council is 95 per cent community funded, and events like Australia's Biggest Morning Tea enable this work to continue.

Every year in NSW alone, more than 46,000 new cases of cancer are expected to be diagnosed.