Police catch kids throwing eggs from business rooftops

Police caught two young people throwing eggs from business rooftops in the central business district on Sunday evening.

Police were called down town about 6.15pm with reports young teens were on the rooftops, throwing eggs on to the street.

Police officers climbed onto the roof and located two young teens and eggs. They took them to Forbes Police Station to issue them with a caution.

Police are also investigating a malicious damage at a local motel.

They have received a report that eggs were smashed on a vehicle and someone had climbed over the vehicle leaving footprints.

The council ranger captured a dog that was reported to be behaving aggressively in the Thomson Street area early Monday morning.

Police and the council ranger attended and captured the dog, which was roaming in the school area.

Two local drivers will face court for drink driving.

Highway patrol officers patrolling Lachlan Street on Saturday evening charged one person with low-range drink driving and one with mid-range drink driving.

A police spokesperson said one driver was stopped because it appeared he was not wearing a seatbelt, it's alleged he then turned his headlights off when he saw the police vehicle.

Police are also following up a fail-to-pay after a driver put $88.61 of fuel in their vehicle at a service station on Sunday morning and drove away without paying for it.