Forbes golfing goodness | The main event on the weekend was the Can-Assist four-person Ambrose Charity Day.

Nelson Bay Looking Good: PK Kennedy wearing The Tour Jacket after having the best result on Sunday at the Nelson Bay comp.

Nelson Bay Looking Good: PK Kennedy wearing The Tour Jacket after having the best result on Sunday at the Nelson Bay comp.

The Long Weekend was busy for many people for many reasons, with the golfers among those thanks to a number of events across the weekend. The weather may have been quite variable from day-to-day, but the enthusiasm rated very highly.

The main event on the weekend was the Can-Assist four-person Ambrose Charity Day. This event has been well supported in previous years but unfortunately numbers were down a bit due to other activities in town, with 76 players participating. But they were all pleased to contribute to funds provided to the Forbes Can-Assist Group.

The scores in this format are generally low, but you need to be very low to be assured of a win. The Scratch winners were very low, with the handicaps lowering the bar even further.

The winners were

Scratch: B Hodge, D Bayley, S Betland, J Rousell - 61


First - J Grierson, C Simmons, S Sykes, J Hitchen 51 3/4.

Second - J Zannes, R Webb, P Tisdell, D Rhodes 54 3/4.

Third - A Grierson, P Mitchell, I & K Garrand 57 3/8.

Fourth - M Spice, P Maher, R Besgrove, H Davidson 58 1/8.

Fifth - D Culley, B Parker, G Collits, S McAlister 58 1/2 on count back.

Bradman - B Drabsch, B Shields, C Bratton, E Coombs 64 1/8.

NTP's: Men first - G Falvey; ninth - J Grierson; ninth - T Callaghan; 18th - D Bayley.

NTP's: ladies first- nil; third - nil; ninth - S Grierson; 18th - W Simmons.

It was good to see former Forbes players visiting, including James Grierson who is no plying his trade as a touring Pro Golfer. Other players came from Qld, Sydney, Orange, W/Wyalong, Blue Mountains and also the locals.

Formal recognition will be made to the sponsors, but hearty thanks to them for their contribution. And big thanks go to Beryl Roberts for her work on the checking of the score cards and collating the results, to the Can-Assist committee for their work, and to the greens staff.

Sunday had the usual Stableford Medley comp, and the usual healthy players out there enjoying a better day than Sunday - weatherwise. The winner was Jill Cripps with 36 points, and thankful for her strong back-9 as it gave her the nod on count back over runner-up Richard Smith.

There was no ball sweep. The NTP's saw one of the few times when one player has grabbed both items. Bess Shields did really well to snare the ninth and 18th NTP's. Monday also had a Stableford Medley, with a smaller group, all men, participating. Although the day's weather was good the scores left a bit to be desired.

The clear winner was Michael Mood with 34 points. There was no ball sweep. And history repeated with the same player snaring both NTP's. This time it was Mike Woods, who hit the target on the ninth and 18th holes.

A group of players travelled to Nelson Bays GC for the Annual Water Wonderland 36-hole event. Traditionally this event is played in wet weather but this year the skies were kind, producing a cloudy day on Saturday and clear skies on Sunday.

Clubs from all around the Sydney and Central Coast areas were represented. The overall winner after 36 holes of Stableford Competition was a young lad with a bright future. He stood barely 4 foot tall, played of a ten handicap and amassed 78 points which was well ahead of the runner-up.

Digit McAuliffe was the only Forbes player to feature in the prizes, being the Saturday A grade winner with 38 points. A 'Forbes son' in the guise of Peter Tilden won the Saturday B grade with 41 points. With all the prizes on offer it was surprising that the Forbes guys did not feature more, but maybe there were reasons for that.

The Forbes group did run their own 'internal comp', with individual and blind team efforts rewarded. On Saturday Peter Tilden (41) won the Individual event from runner-up PK Kennedy (38). The Blind Team event went to Digit and Kel 'Victa' Wright (so called because he gets two shots on each hole, 'putt putt'). Sunday's winners were: Individual - PK Kennedy (35) on count back from Digit, with Terry Griffith and Brad the Blind Team winners.

There was strong contention for the awarding of a Bradman prize. Stevie G would have won easily on Saturday with 21 points, but it was a contest on Sunday with Andrew Drane slipping out of contention with 22 points, and Peter Barnes being "successful" with 19 points.

Some stories include John Betland's drive on the par-four first on Sunday, finishing metres short of the green on the 340m hole. Andrew Drane tacked his way from trees to trees along most holes in Sunday's round.

One group gathered on the first hole of the weekend and introduced themselves. Coincidently there were two Geoff's and two Mick's. The balls were thrown to determine partners for the drinks honours. Again coincidently it was the two Geoff's vs the two Mick's, and further the Geoff's won both days.

Here is the News

The Lachlan Valley Pennants and Championships, are on this Sunday at West Wyalong. This is the premier event for Lachlan Valley District golf, with Pennants (teams of 6) and Individual Championships contested in the same event. Good luck to all our guys.

The Wallace Cup matches need a bit of a kick along. Players are reminded to contact their opponents to schedule their match, and keep this event rolling along.

The Ladies golfers have been successful in obtaining a defibrillator machine for placement at the golf course. Funding was received through the NSW Sports Grants, from Forbes Council and through raffle ticket sales. The machine will be available for use for any person suffering a heart attack on the golf course or in the Golfie Hotel.

All players, both men and women, are invited and encouraged to attend the Golfie Hotel on Wed 26 June at approximately 2pm, where a demonstration and training on the use of the machine will be conducted.

Week four of the Winter 3's competition threw up a surprising but welcome Voucher winner. Somm managed a nett 24 to streak the field, and no doubt benefits from some 'inside assistance'. The balls went to: Somm, A Watts, R Taylor, M Sutcliffe, S Kirkman and A Tucker.

Crystal Ball Time

Saturday, June 15 is an 18-hole Stroke event, sponsored by Country Mile Motor Inn. Sunday 16 is a Stableford Medley at home, while the LVDGA Pennants and Champs will be held at West Wyalong.

Saturday, June 22 is the 18-hole 4BBB Stroke Championship, sponsored by John Davis Mazda. Sunday, June 23 has the Stableford Medley.

Short Putt

Can-Assist Charity Day: The fourth Placed team of Mike Spice, Phil Maher, Rod Besgrove and Heather Davidson with organiser Andrew Grierson.

Can-Assist Charity Day: The fourth Placed team of Mike Spice, Phil Maher, Rod Besgrove and Heather Davidson with organiser Andrew Grierson.

Ladies' Golf

On Sunday, June 2 the first Round of the Billabong Matchplay competition got underway. Through to the next round are Enid Baker and Julie Hurkett who worked hard for their win on the 21st hole.

Sally Perry and Denise Squires had it a little easier having won by 16th Hole and Lyn Kennedy and Teresa Armytage needed to go to 19th hole for their victory.

On Wednesday, June 5 the 4BBB Qualifier round for Western Districts was won by Alison Kingston and Lyn Kennedy with plus Seven with the runners up Janet Smith and Robin Lyell also on the same score but lost on a count-back.

NTP D Barnes and ninth Julie Hurkett. Ball Sweep to J Smith, R Lyell, D Barnes, H Duff, E Uphill and S Perry + 3. Thank you to Bernie Horan for sponsoring this event.Wednesday, June 12 in mild conditions saw a good field compete for a visit to Just Janes Salon and the Lucky Winner in Division One was Judy Hodge (35) and Division Two Alison Kingston (36).

NTP ninth Ev Uphill and 18th Jean Judge. Ball Sweep to A Reade (36) , Bev Gerdes and Kerry Stirling (35) on a count-back. Congratulation to all the winners over the past ten days.

This Saturday, June 15 a Stableford competition sponsored by Betta Home Living with Ethel on cards. Next Wednesday, June 19 it is Stroke with fourth Round NSW Medal Veterans Country Championships sponsored by Robbs Jewelers with Colleen Venables on cards.

A reminder to put in your note book June 26 at 2pm the demonstration to operate the Defibrillator is being held at the golf club, we all need to know how to work one of these machines as a heart attack is probable while playing golf. I am sure we will all play a lot better knowing help is not far away.

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