You're welcome: Riverside Community Gardens plan next big event

It may be the traditionally dormant months in the garden but not at the Forbes Community Garden.

Garden member David Sanderson was at the garden last week working on the site's new hot house which was installed by the Forbes Men's Shed.

Volunteers from NorthParkes mines have been on site, cleaning out and re-packing a shed, sorting product, laying turf, working on a shade house and hot house and pergola.

And the busy times continue with a big day coming up on Saturday, July 6.

"We're calling it Super Soup Saturday," Mr Sanderson said.

"It's basically morning tea and lunch for members and friends, people who want to come and have a look and get a flavour of the place, see what goes on."

And what can you expect to find growing at the garden?

"There is a range of product, we have a diverse group within the organisation, we have some people who are into standard fruit and vegetables and other members who like the coloured chards and spinach," Mr Sanderson said.

"We've got quite a range of citrus trees too ... we also have vegetable plants, parsley, cabbages, those types of things.

"We try to keep a range all year round so that there is something to sell, a lot of which is done by Gail and Dennis Irvine potting up plants for sale."

And the most unusual thing he recalls being grown at the site which is open to all of the Forbes community?

"Probably the Mexican Cucumber," he said. "They're a wild looking bit of gear but apparently very tender and very nice to eat.

Mr Sanderson explained the garden is a non profit organisation. Any profit, he said, goes to things like refurbishing garden beds.

Members were recently the very happy recipients of a Lions Club cheque for $140, the site fee revenue from the Lions Car Boot Sale which is always donated to a local cause.

The garden community extends a big thank you to the Lions Club for its generosity, and also to everyone who supported their stall at the boot sale.

The new propagation house will enable the garden to propagate more native trees for local projects, with eight by 12-foot hothouse now up and running.

Locally-sourced seed will be propagated for local revegetation projects, National Tree Day and Forbes Bushranger Planting Days.

The hothouse along with shelving, tube stock, trays, pots and propagation media have been purchased thanks to a grant from Central West Councils Environment and Waterways Alliance, supported by Forbes Shire Council and Central West Landcare.

If you want to be part of the activities at the garden all you need to do is drop in between 9am and 11am most weekday mornings and Saturday mornings at the former Forestry Nursery in lower Reymond Street for an application form.

The Garden is a community driven project run under the auspices of Forbes Shire Council, operated by a management committee.

Membership is just $10 per person annually. Garden plots can be returned and are $20 for a small plot with a $30 fee for a large plot annually.

Just come down, if you want to volunteer.

"We also do attend markets, the Farmers Markets and Lions Car Boot sale selling plants," Mr Sanderson said.

"From time to time we run courses, get a guest speaker, someone proficient in a certain area to speak with members."

Pictured above: Leo Curran, Robyn Seberry, Anne Hodges, Gail and Denis Irvine, Kate and John Power holding Archer McWilliam, Alex Power and Geoff McRae.