Water is now a financial market, says Forbes mayor

Wow, what a week with all the commentary regarding the Murray Darling Basin. My personal view is the separation of water from land has definitely put productivity at risk. Water has become a financial market with the people owning it having no connection to the land or food production. Water is lucrative, where this will end I do not know.

Breast Screen is in Forbes next week until the end of August. So I call on all of you girls out there to make an appointment, as prevention is better than a cure.

We are so lucky to have two wonderful supermarkets in town, I use both regularly for the fresh food they have available. Why would anyone need to go out of town to other supermarkets? Woolworths and Bernardi's are both huge employers of our residents and support our town in many ways. Things are tough for all our retailers in town at the moment so please be mindful of shopping in town. It is a circular economy and it will keep our community strong. If you find something online or in another town ask for a matching price from our local businesses, 99.5% of the time they will be able to match it.

For all the walkers around the Lake I have some good news for you. The smelly substation near Show St is being replaced! That will also keep our lovely Grey Nomads happy too when they come to visit our town.

I must mention the wonderful taxi drivers we have in town. In speaking with them this week they asked me to ask you to let them know if you are holding an event in town, to let them know beforehand, to ensure there are enough taxi's on standby. Also if you are heading to the airport and don't want to drive they do provide deals for this service, give them a call on 6852 2222.

We sadly said goodbye to one of our long serving employees last week, Gary Bull. What a champion he was and he will be sadly missed. Such a happy soul with all of his jokes. Rest in Peace Gary, you will be missed by your beautiful family.

God Bless.

Your Mayor

Phyllis Miller