Ducky's luxury Mercedes stolen: "It's a bloody disgrace"

Ducky Clemens with all that he has salvaged from his stolen and burnt out Mercedes.
Ducky Clemens with all that he has salvaged from his stolen and burnt out Mercedes.

At 2am last Friday Ducky Clemens was woken by the neighbour's dogs in Quarry Road.

Little did he know that the dogs were trying to alert him to the presence of thieves who were helping themselves to his luxury Mercedes Benz.

"I got up but then they stopped barking so I went back to bed," Ducky said.

All that he now has of his once luxury vehicle is part of the burnt out grill.

"A bloke just dropped this off to me," Ducky explained, holding up part of the charred remains of his car.

"I haven't seen the car.

"You drive into Forbes now, it's a ghetto," Ducky said of the current state of law and order and the town.

"They're (council) spending all of this money but they can't fix the guttering in my street, even when I offered to pay for half of it.

"The old ambulance station, why don't the council put some money into buying it and cleaning up the place?" he asked.

"What pees me to tears is that if you want to know anything you go down to the street at 3 o'clock in the afternoon to get a newspaper and everyone else knows where your vehicle is," he said of how he came to find out the eventual fate of his stolen car.

Ducky's Mercedes was stolen on Friday night and he believes was burnt out on Saturday night near the Forbes abattoir where it still sits.

"I'm not going up there to have a look," he added.

"I don't want to see it," he said of the car he purchased brand new a decade ago.

"Immaculate it was, it cost me $90,000 it was a Mercedes ML350 luxury, the real McCoy."

Unfortunately the vehicle was no longer insured, a decision Ducky made after hitting a kangaroo in it a couple of years ago.

He was told at the time he'd lose his no claim bonus if he made a claim on the damage so fixed it up and no longer bothered with insurance.

"I can't see the sense in paying money and getting nothing for it," he said of insurance.

Asked if the police had any leads Ducky replied: "na, they've got no idea, but I have a fair idea."

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