Grant for Eugowra's museum

Noel Langford with his daughters Irene Sharp and Verna Riley admiring the hears at the Eugowra Museum.
Noel Langford with his daughters Irene Sharp and Verna Riley admiring the hears at the Eugowra Museum.


Members of the Eugowra Historical Museum & Bushranger Centre are excited with the news of a $34,370 grant from Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal enabling a further extension to their present Museum building. This extension will then allow many of the objects presently in storage to be placed on display.

Meanwhile things tick over at a steady pace at the Museum with groups of visitors arriving by coach or small numbers travelling by car. Most people find items on display which are of great interest to them.

Local ladies Irene Sharp and Verna Riley recently brought their father Noel Langford for a visit to enable him to view the beautifully restored hearse, which came from Picton and was restored and donated to the Museum by Peter McIntyre.

Noel's father, Lorne Langford and his grandfather Harry Langford, both operated an undertaker's business in Eugowra prior to WW2.

The Langford name printed on the hearse was completed recently by one of our Mural sign writers and does not imply that it ever belonged to that person.

Meals on Wheels

Sunday 14th July- Mavis Cross, Mon 15th- Rhonda Round, Tues 16th- Sandra Welsh, Wed 17th- Alicia D'Ombrain, Thu 18th Brian Moon, Fri 19th CWA, Sat 20th- CWA.

Smile Time

It was baby mosquito's first day to fly out from home. When the mosquito came back home late that day the father mosquito asked. "How was your journey?". The baby mosquito replied, "It went great. Everyone was clapping for me".


Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Robert "Bobby" Gilmore of "Kiembah' Gooloogong who passed away on July 3rd 2019 at the age of 87 years.

He is survived by his wife Patty, sons and daughter-in-law Craig, Scott & Lisa, grandchildren Jacinta, Tobie and Matthew and great grandson Tate.

The funeral service for the late Bobby Gilmore will be held at St Matthew's Anglican Church Eugowra at 11-00am on Monday 11th July followed by a private cremation.

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