Focus on road safety after Bedgerebong Road fatality

The joint operation follows a fatal collision on Wednesday, May 8 on Bedgerebong Road.
The joint operation follows a fatal collision on Wednesday, May 8 on Bedgerebong Road.

A man will face court on Monday, August 5 after returning 0.159 (high range PCA) during a four-day strike force road safety enforcement campaign in Central West NSW.

The joint operation involving Central West Highway Patrol, and Traffic and Traffic/Highway Patrol Command's Strike Force Puma, targeted high-risk drivers and driving behaviour on roads surrounding Parkes and Forbes.

The joint operation follows a fatal collision on Wednesday 8 May 2019 on Bedgerebong Road at Forbes, where excessive speed - alleged to be in excess of 200km/h - is being investigated as a key contributing factor to the crash.

Western Region Traffic Tactician Inspector Ben Macfarlane said this style of operation will be ongoing across the region.

"There are a number of future strike force deployments planned," Inspector Macfarlane said.

"These operations have been ongoing in Western Region and we need to reinforce in motorists' minds that drink driving and speeding in smaller towns and remote areas is not okay.

"I've also been disappointed in the number of people detected not wearing their seatbelts. Seatbelts save lives - particularly if someone chooses to not wear one after drinking, and crashes."

"During 2019 in Western Region, 168 people have been found not wearing their seatbelts or using child restraints properly, and 41 people have lost their lives in crashes on roads across Western NSW.

Police conducted 113 random breath tests, and 19 random drug tests throughout the operation.

The joint operation issued several traffic infringements across the Central West including; Driving while disqualified, driving while suspended, mid-range and special-range PCA, 2 positive oral fluid detections, 17 speeding offences, 12 defect notices and 16 other infringements.

Strike Force Puma will continue to gather intelligence and monitor high-risk drivers and high-risk driving behaviour across Central West Police District, with a view to conduct additional deployments to the region.

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