Coopers employees from around Australia meet in Forbes

Almost 30 people from around the country travelled to Forbes recently.
Almost 30 people from around the country travelled to Forbes recently.

Dozens of people from around the country travelled to Forbes recently as for an annual training event run by Coopers Animal Health.

Associate Brand Manager Summer Jakobasch said they travel to different regional towns and centres each year to undertake technical training and do their campaign and sales meeting.

Coopers Animal Health works to improve the health and productivity of farmer's livestock, predominately sheep and cattle.

Mrs Jakobasch said while they were in Forbes they visited Moxey's Dairy farm and a sheep feedlot near Cowra which helps give them a good insight as to what's being used and what farmers need.

This is the fourth year that Coopers Animal Health have this event and have hosted it in Wagga Wagga, Armidale, Bendigo and Toowoomba previously.

Thirty people from the business' sales, marketing and technical departments travelled from as far away as Tasmania, Sydney, Western Australia and Rockhampton for the week-long event.

Mrs Jakobasch said they like getting to areas where their customers are and they were invited to host the meeting in Forbes this year by local rep, George Hancock.

George Hancock said the members from Coopers Animal Health spent much of their time finding out what farmers want or need in the industry and put back into their development research.

Mr Hancock said they are looking forward to doing more of these meetings in country areas.

"It's a great opportunity to spend time in country areas," he said.