Forbes Show 2019 part 2: Molly Fuge named Forbes Showgirl | Photos

A local farmer with a passion for broad acre cropping was named 2019 Forbes Showgirl. Molly Fuge was sashed in front of a large crowd who braved the chilly weather at the official Show opening on Friday night.

Molly, who works with Lawson Grains, said she took part in the Showgirl competition because she wanted to promote women in agriculture.

"I wanted to promote the benefits and opportunities available for young women in the agricultural community," she said.

Molly said she hopes the Showgirl competition will help help her gain more confidence, be exposed to new experiences and create new friendships in the industry.

Molly has been with Lawson Grains for the last year and a half and said working for them has helped expand her knowledge of the cropping industry.

In addition to working in the cropping industry, Molly is involved in the Forbes Ranch Sorting and Penning Club, where she does the announcing for the events and the Saturday night presentations.

She is also an avid competitor in sorting and penning events and hopes to compete in the RSNC Ranch Sorting World finals in the US next year.

Molly said that she wants to use her role as Forbes Showgirl to promote that there is no failure in trying and stepping out of your comfort zone.

"It is male dominated in the agricultural industry and I just want to be an ambassador for those girls in the agricultural industry, that anyone can do it."

The naming of the Showgirl was just one part of the two days of fun at the Forbes Show.

Members of the Forbes Auto Sports Club took to the track to demonstrate their speed and track style on Friday. Due to the rain that night, the town band and Kristen's Dance School were unable to perform.

However the 2019 Farmers Challenge was able to go ahead. Teams had to had to roll up a swag, guide calves, eat a spoonful of vegemite, complete a math equation, an egg toss and a boot toss.

Chainsaw sculptor Rob Bast was hard at work creating an eagle, dog and a horse head with many people admiring his work.

Show Secretary Jan Facey said the Show Society Show Society have put the sculptures up for sale in a silent auction that ends at 3:30pm, on Friday, September 13.

Mrs Facey said if people missed seeing the sculptures at the show, they can come to the show office to have a look at them. People can place bids over the phone on 68521311 or in person at the show office.

Friday was capped off with a spectacular fireworks display.

There was plenty of action on the second day of the show with the stock judging, yard dog trials and all of the excitement of sideshow alley.

Due to an increased amount of entries in the yard dog trials, the event ran all day from 7:30am to 5pm.

Mrs Facey said they are considering changing the format of the yard dog trials host them over the two days of the Forbes Show next year.

Along with the yard dogs, Mrs Facey said entries were also up in several of the other sections including the cattle and sheep judging as well as the pet show.

Mrs Facey said the local machinery people again put on an excellent display of machines this year.

The pavilion was packed to the rafters with the fruit and vegetable entries, while entries were also up in the lego and preserves sections. The entries for the cake sections were described as looking absolutely delicious.

Entries weren't up across the board however, with fewer entries in the photography and needlework sections.

The show ended on Saturday with the ever popular ute barrel races.

The Forbes Show will return next year on Friday, September 11 and Saturday, September 12.