Top contest at Forbes Show yard dog trials

Forbes Show attracted some of the best to compete in Saturday's yard dog trials.

Defending NSW title holder Greg Walton and Karana Max came to Forbes for the show event and claimed the open title, with Eugowra's own Kevin Howell and Karana Roy just one point behind.

Another Eugowra Karana kelpie, Karana Tige worked by Kevin Howell, came in third just four points behind the overall winner after two rounds of competition.

It was an excellent display, NSW Yard Dog Association secretary Felicity Nolan said.

The yard dogs were under way not long after 7am Saturday, with more than 30 competitors despite the freezing conditions, and didn't wrap up until 4.30pm.

"It was a very close final," Ms Nolan said. "The standards of dogs are really picking up."

But it wasn't just the State's top competitors that were drawn to the trials, it was some of the youngest.

Half a dozen juniors aged four to 16 put their dogs through their paces - the younger competitors heading out with a parent or older competitor.

"It's about encouraging the next generation of kids," Ms Nolan said.

The family nature of yard dog trialling means there's always kids watching their families compete.

The junior section lets them get involved and they do: barking orders to the dogs and opening and closing the gates.

Congratulations to all the winners:

Junior: 1 William Cox and Podd; 2 Emily Cox and Spur; 3 Finley Nolan and Coop 85; 4 Cassie Rutherford and Nutsy; 5 Mackenzie Nolan and Beckie; 6 Montana Whitby and Flicka.

Beginner: 1 Dennis Mitchell and Rocky; 2 Felicity Nolan and Frog; 2 Barrick Parker and Jess; 4 Dennis Mitchell and Storm.

Novice: 1 Jenny Rosten and Tyson; 2 Neale Taylor and Roy; 3 Neale Taylor and Daisy; 4 Shane Maurer and Stuart.

Open: 1 Greg Walton and Karana Max; 2 Kevin Howell and Karana Roy; 3 Kevin Howell and Karana Tige; 4 Daniel Pumpa and Turbo.

Organisers would like to thank all who attended and made it a great day, apart from the weather, especially Kevin Miller Whitty Lennon & Co for supplying the sheep for the trial.