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Barb Drabsch and Enid Baker had a sensational day on the local golf greens.

Barb Drabsch and Enid Baker had a sensational day on the local golf greens.

Ladies Golf

Enid Baker hoisted the Shoot Out bucket high on Sunday after a very hard fought win from eight other finalists. The first hole was a practice run and everyone played well.

The second hole saw the pressure get to a few with the adjoining fairway being visited which brought the trees into play and claimed Robin Lyell.

Onto the third hole with Kerry and Barb making a par however Lyn Kennedy, Bess Shields and Janet Smith were equal and needed a put off which resulted in Lyn having to pack the clubs away.

The notorious fourth hole captured Kerry Stirling. Onto to the fifth and Ev Uphill was left wondering what went wrong.

The sixth which everyone played well however had it not been for Janet Smith going over the back it would have been a play off hole.

The heartbreak seventh hole broke our hearts when Bess Shields ball rested behind a big tree and the fence, despite trying to get back into play it was not to be and Bess retired.

Heading down the eighth it was down to the last three. Surprisingly Colleen Bratton was playing in her first Shoot out final and enjoying the moment but needed a par to stay in with her low handicap, it was not to be.

How good were Enid Baker and Barb Drabsch playing. It was fair and square as Barb plays off 25 and Enid 29 with neither getting any advantage on the last hole.

All the players were still watching and were not disappointed when both girls had four shots and had to replay the hole to find a winner. Congratulation Enid for a wonderful par.

Thank you Julie Wood for doing the scoring and draws for each hole, it was cold and windy but we had a happy day. Our sponsors Kevin Miller, Whitty and Lennon and Crosbys Angus made the day possible with their sponsorship which was very much appreciated.

Saturday, September 7 it was not very inviting for golf weather wise but still a field headed out to vie for the Blush Organic sponsored Trophy which was won by Colleen Venables with 33 points.

NTP ninth Lyn Kennedy and 18th Verna Lane. Wednesday, September 11 a Stableford was played where partners were drawn after play and combined to find the winning pairs.

Enid Baker partnered with Marie Reid and had 58 points to win with the runners up being Janet Smith and Doreen Barns 57.

Ball Sweep to Colleen Venables, Julie Hurkett, Janet Smith and Sally Perry with 32 points. NTP ninth Heather Davidson and 18th Marie Reid. Well done everyone.

Last week Heather and Teresa played at the Manildra Tournament and Heather got runner up in the scratch division with 83. Date for the diary is Ladies

AGM on October 9 and we need nominations for the committee by October 4 please.

Roving Reporter

Frank Hanns concentrates on his tee shot on the 15th.

Frank Hanns concentrates on his tee shot on the 15th.

Men's Golf

The spring-time weather of last week returned to cold and blustery winter conditions, ensuring tough conditions for the golf players across the weekend. However, there were moments when brilliance of either sunshine or golfing skill prevailed.

On Saturday the men competed in the September Monthly medal, sponsored by McFeeter's Motor Museum. The field of 58 players used all manner of means to perambulate around the course, and transport both their minds and the ball into situations of bliss, or at the very least hope.

The A grade results were helped by handicaps, but none could out-do the sheer skill of Peter Dawson in his game. His 72 nett showed control of the ball on the difficult holes and a 'near par' performance on the back-nine.

Runner-up on count back was Neil McMillan, with a nett 73. While his handicap was beneficial, there is no doubt that he played sufficiently well throughout to counter his double-bogey on the first hole.

The B grade was won by a 'Winx-like' performance played by Greg Webb. His 67 nett was in the realms of an A-grader, and was helped along by a deserving eagle-three on the sixth hole.

Runner-up, and a full five lengths back, was Paul Kay with 72 nett. He deservedly got there on count back with a barnstorming finish to the back-nine.

The C-Grade provided the greatest 'oh gosh' moment for the day. Don Ridley, with a nett 63, provided a Phar Lap performance that will earn him a severe handicapping in his next outing. For Don it was a day of bliss where his only blemishes were on the hardest holes, and where elsewhere he played with aplomb.

Allan Rees was runner-up with 74 nett, but on count back. No amounting of lamenting on missed putts would have bridged the gap, although he did miss the quietly delivered supportive comments usually delivered by Craig.

The ball sweep went to 74 nett on count back, going to: 63 - D Ridley; 67 - G Webb; 72- P Dawson, P Kay, E Gaffney, B Everest; 73 - K Herbert, T Morgan, B Doyle, R Taylor, S Kirkman; 74 - S Uphill, A Rees, P Barnes, D Earl.

The NTP's went to: ninth - S Kirkman; 18th - P Tisdell. The twos were scant overall with only three being recorded. An obvious one was that scored by Scott on the 9th. His two-foot putt was taken with great deliberation, amidst a crowd of awestruck observers.

Another two that deserves mention is that scored by Ethan Gaffney on the first hole. His tee shot went higher than an angel and was taken by the wind to the 18th fairway. From there he played a low punch chip which carried onto the green, hit the pin and stuck in the hole.

Unfortunately Shane Sallaway's two on the third was quite ordinary by comparison. There were no visitors, but very pleasing to see new member Jacob Bernadi out playing and keen to get his handicap. And we welcome back Frank Hanns, who enjoyed a breezy day.

The wind certainly played havoc with many shots, pushing the ball into the trees on many occasions. However, some players were unerringly accurate, aiming for and striking the trees with consistency.

Ethan Gaffney fired a low tee shot off the 16th, aiming to keep it below the wind. It struck 'that tree' in the fairway almost dead centre, and skipped off to the fourth fairway. He was in good company as Ian Bown did the same.

And then there was Stevie G who felt the 15th was not long enough. His tee shot ventured into the trees on the left, struck hard and came backwards to meet him. A similar thing happened on the fifth, the seventh, the 11th and the 14th ensuring that his love of trees was sorely tempted. There may be some change son the course when you next go there.

Greg Webb was pleased with his game, but felt there was good and bad throughout. His eagle was good - two good shots and a testing putt, but his double-bogies on the seventh, ninth and 16th were bad. Just think what his score could have been like.

Playing in the wind is always difficult, and some say more so than playing in rain. Kim Herbert was in the 9th bunker and mentally attuned to needing 'to give it a bit extra' to counter the wind. This he did, exploding well and finishing beside the 18th green.

Undoubtedly, Ecky was well pleased with his game. He classed his six-iron to the ninth as his best shot, modestly side-stepping his birdie on the sixth and his one-over back-nine. While that shot did not earn him a two he felt that he shaped the ball well with solid control to counter the effect of the wind. Look-out Tiger!

Scott Kirkman's fine effort on the ninth kept him in a good frame of mind, until he encountered the 17th and 18th greens. On both occasions he missed 'easy three-foot putts' which severely dented his card. Otherwise he may have upstaged Ecky.

Neil McMillan used the conditions to help him along. He passed up the generous offer of a ride in a cart and walked the course, thus ensuring he stayed warm with this vigorous exercise, and kept his swing fluid. Niel Duncan had hoped for the same outcome, especially after his 'treatment' on Friday, but alas he did not have the same result.

There was no Sunday Stableford Medley played, due to the absence of players engaged in other contests. The regular Ladies players participated in their 'Shoot-out Final', the results of which you can read in the Ladies report.

Here is the News

The end of September will be busy with both the Legends Pro-Am and the VW Scramble being played. These sandwich the four ball Ambrose Medley, sponsored by Alby Callaghan. So, pace yourselves for that monumental effort.

The tee time sheet for the Legends Pro-Am is in the Pro Shop. Make sure you decide early on to play so that the organisers can get the food ordered. More information is available from the Pro Shop.

You will notice information on the VW Scramble being displayed. Contact Head Pro Ben for more information on this event. The prizes are all supplied, each player gets a playing pack and fun is assured.

This weekend has the Parkes Open on Sunday, preceded by an 18-hole 4BBB on Saturday. Best wishes to the Forbes players attending, and here is hoping we can 'score one against the head' and bring trophies home.

Golf Pro Adrian continues the Junior coaching sessions, and is well pleased with the improvement in skills shown by the participants. With school holidays coming up, there is an opportunity to build on the skills learnt.

Head Pro Ben has similar accolades for the Ladies attending their Coaching Clinic. If you want to give it ago contact the Pro Shop (6851 1554) to book in or to find out more details from Ben.

Another reminder to get your Summer Sixes team organised. Grab a nomination form from the Pro Shop. Keep your eyes open for more details.

And do not forget to clear your 'credit account' at the Pro Shop. I have already seen some good gear being clutched in tight hands while the new owner has this steely glint in their eyes. The course will be assaulted.

Crystal Ball Time

Saturday, September 14 is a 4BBB Stableford Medley sponsored by Cahill's Footwear. The prizes for this event are all very able to be utilised by any golfer. Sunday has the Stableford Medley. And of course it is Parkes Open weekend.

Saturday, September 21 is a 4BBB Stableford Multiplier, sponsored by the Tuesday Golfers. This is a change to the programme, notified some time ago. It requires a clear head, or at least a partner well skilled in arithmetic. Sunday has a Stableford Medley and the Grenfell Open.

Short Putt