Shooting range upgraded

The Forbes S.S.A.A sporting shooters have hosted members from their state branch who came out to look at their newly renovated range.

The sporting shooters recently finished major construction on their new 200 metre centrefire range and renovating the rimfire and pistol range. Work began in May, with the rimfire and pistol range renovations completed by August.

Forbes S.S.A.A Branch President Norm Brook said they would like to thank the NSW state branch for their help in upgrading the range.

NSW S.S.A.A. CEO Jai Rowell said while they helped support the branch, the upgrade would not have been possible without local branch members and the Forbes Shire Council.

Results of the Forbes S.S.A.A. sporting shooters .22 calibre rimfire rifle shoot on October 2. The weather was warm with a light breeze.

Results included:

.22 target shoot: John Dean, 250/250; Paul Baker, 250/250; Ian Keene, 249/250; Bruce Runchel, 246/250; Doug Shead, 243/250; Lyall Strudwick, 243/250; Anthony Bratton, 199/250.

Fly target shoot: Ian Keene, 200/200; John Dean, 200/200; Paul Baker, 200/200; Bruce Runchel, 200/200; Lyall Strudwick, 200/200.

Red Dot 300 target shoot: Paul Baker, 297/300; Ian Keene, 296/300; John Dean, 296/300; Bruce Runchel, 292/300; Lyall Strudwick, 284/300; Doug Shead, 255/300; Anthony Bratton, 236/300.

Results of the .22 calibre rimfire rifle shoot on Sunday, October 6. The weather was hot with wind gusts from the northeast at 39kpm.

25metre .22 target shoot: John Dean, 248/250; Brian Neilsen, 246/250; David Coleman, 235/250; Norm Brook, 235/250; Barbara Brook, 230/250; Ernest Coleman 224/250.

50metre Rabbit target shoot: John Dean, 142/150; David Coleman, 138/150; Brian Neilsen, 135/150.

75metre Fox target shoot: John Dean, 104/120; Brian Neilsen, 88/120; David Coleman, 66/120.

100 metre Feral Cat target shoot: John Dean, 101/110; David Coleman, 28/110.

The next Wednesday shoot will be on October 16 at 3pm. The next Sunday shoot will be on October 20 at 10am.

All target shooters are welcome, juniors must be 12 years or over. For information on .22 calibre rimfire shooting contact Wayne Facey on 0414524059 or Norm Brook on 0458664541.

The next shoot for the sporting clays will be the two day shoot this weekend starting Saturday. This will be a 75 target non graded handicap five stand shoot starting at 4pm. On Sunday, October 13, a 75 target non graded field shoot will start at 9:30am.

For information on clay target shooting contact Norm Brook, Tony Bratton on 68523349, or Ben Smith.

Forbes S.S.A.A. sporting clays will be holding the Graham West Memorial Trophy shoot on Sunday, November 10. This will be a 100 target graded five stand shoot.