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Croquet: Bill and Dorelle Scott and Bruce Field celebrate their birthdays.

Croquet: Bill and Dorelle Scott and Bruce Field celebrate their birthdays.


Golf Croquet Tuesday, November 12

We had a great roll up for our game with the early start beating the heat of the day Evelyn Mahlo Lorraine Todd and Bruce Field were the winners of three games Close games recorded were B Scott, J Littlejohn 7 defeated L Todd, K Rubie 6, D Scott, G Coles 7 defeated J Littlejohn, B Scott 6. L Todd, R Cheney 7 defeated L Allegri, D Scott 6. E Quirk, A Todd 7 defeated J Browne 6. E Mahlo, J Maccullagh 7 defeated C Liebich, R Burridge 6. L Todd, L Field 7 defeated L Allegri, S Hepburn 6.

A very pleasant luncheon was enjoyed at the Services Club to celebrate the birthdays of Bruce Field Bill and Dorelle Scott the OBE award was presented to Dorelle.

Aussie Croquet Saturday, November 16

The cooler mornings bring out our members for another great social game with friendship and light exercise the main aim.

We had three winners once again for winning all games John Browne, Merv Langfield and Barry White.

Some close games were Kath Broderick who was playing like a professional and J Cole 14 defeated J MacCullagh, C Liebich 12. J Rubie, S Hepburn 14 defeated L Smart, M Spry 12. M Langfield, B White 14 defeated E Quirk, V MacCullagh 13. E McLean, J Littlejohn 14 defeated D Rogers, L Todd 13. B White, V MacCullagh 14 defeated K and J Rubie 13. D Rogers, L Todd 14 defeated E MacLean, J Littlejohn 13. G Coles 14 defeated S Hepburn, L Todd 12.

Colleen Liebich

Colleen Liebich


Latest Results and News from Forbes Squash Club

Wednesday, November 13 was week seven of our Spring Comp.

Large score margins caused Team Positions changes; Burtons have snatched the lead from Shaws, Cannons are still third but Bayleys have taken D Bils fourth spot while W Bils are last.

Team Results Were: Court One; Cannons tied Shaws 21 points all.

Chris beat Jake 3-0, Louise Webb lost to Ken Cormie 0-3, Pat Cormie and Harry Toole were two all but Pat won the fifth set 15-9, Kim Chudleigh worked hard but lost set five 15-17 to Brad Hardy, Kasey Kinsey beat Isaac Barnard 3-0 and Claire Bayley was unlucky to lose two sets 14-16 to Triston McKinnon.

Court Two; Burtons were ear to ear grinners and winners over D Bilsboroughs 32 to 10. Luke beat Danny 3-1, Lara Stibbard beat Ellie Cowhan 3-0 and in the 'Weeks Match' Ben Barnard beat Jan Berger; 15-17, 15-8, 13-15, 15-9, 15-13.

Then Jacob Cannon beat Angus Webb 3-0, Jono Webb beat Marc Hardy 3-1 and Will Markwort beat sub Claire Bayley 3-0.

Court Three; W Bilsboroughs lost to Bayleys 18 to 24.

Wayne beat Alex, Lindy Cowhan lost to Michelle Bentick, George Falvey lost to Lucy Cowhan, sub Tom Burton beat Isaac Berger and Tyson McKinnon lost to Tom Cormie all in three sets. Later Kim Chudleigh lost to Alec Walters 2-3.

Thursday Night had only one five set match but competition was strong as teams strive to improve or maintain places.

Krosses lead, then its Sharpes, Pipers, Dawes, Millers and Hornerys.

Team Results were: Court One; Millers lost to Sharpes 23 points to 32. Lockie lost to sub D Piper 0-3, Ryan Smart lost to Alex Doyle 1-3, Scott Webb lost to Pete Thompson 0-3, Mark Webb beat Pete Cowhan 3-2, Graham Coombs beat sub R Plowes 3-2, Chuds beat Robo 3-1 and Brodie Hodges lost to sub A Chudleigh 0-3.

Court Two; Krosses defeated Dawes 30 to 19. In 'Match of the Week' Jay lost set one to Oli then set the pace as Oli covered kilometers in an effort to retrieve every shot. But Jay had the final say, he won 3-1.

Clint Ridley beat Brendon Allegri 3-0 but Chris McQuie lost to Jono Cannon 0-3, sub J Hemming beat Matt Piper 3-1, Jake Hemming beat Henry Kross 3-0, Bec Connell lost to Steve Allegri 0-3 and Ben Schofield beat Emily Murphy 3-0.

Court Three; Pipers lost to Hornerys 27 to 29.

Darryn beat Sam 3-0, Den Haynes lost in set four 20-22 to Shayne Piper, Dan Bayley lost to Rich King, Anthony Gordon lost to Hayden Williams, Judy Kross lost to Dan Bentick, Alex Jones beat sub Will Gordon and Taylor Krauss beat Dan Suringa, all three set matches.

Next weeks Draw: Both Nights; Team 1 versus 2, 5 versus 6, 3 versus 4.

Women's Bowling

On fine but cool morning three rinks of social bowls were played and the final of the Under 70's singles.

The winner of the under 70's was Lyn Simmonds and the runner up was Annette Tisdell.Well done ladies.

The winners of the social bowls were Anne Nixon, Irene Riley and Carmel Murray. Congratulations.

The winner of the meat tray was Annette Tisdell. A reminder that our Christmas Party will be held on Wednesday, December 11. Names in by December 4, please. Good Bowling.

Annette Tisdell

Indoor Bowls

Every one had a good afternoon of bowls winners for the day was Sandy and Doreen Rogers three wins 36 points.

Runners up Wilma and Joyce two wins one lose 22 points. Chocolate went to Liz Pat and Loraine .

Computation was won by Doreen Rogers Joan and Joyce. everyone is welcome to come to the Forbes community centre on Wednesday afternoon names in 1.15pm for 1.30pm start.

Wilma Hepburn


This week is the final games of the Forbes Netball Spring competitions for both mixed and ladies teams. The competition has been played since August, and next week, the two top teams on the point score ladder in each competition will play off for first and second.

If any teams would also like to play next week, please come to the office on Wednesday night, to be included into a draw. There is one team who has already said that they want to play on November 27.

All players in the finals must have played three games with their team to be able to play finals. If for some reason the weather is unsuitable to play, the team that finished first on the point score ladder will be declared the winners.

Monthly meeting: The last monthly meeting of the FNA will be held this week, Thursday November 21, at 7 pm at the Forbes Services Memorial Club. Agenda items must be sent to Secretary email,

2020 representative coaches, assistant coaches, umpires and open players: Applications for 2020 for the following competitions and championships close on Wednesday night November 20; NNSW West/Central West Regional League; under 17, 15 years at NNSW Senior State Titles; 14,13, 12 years at NNSW Junior State Titles; and coach and assistant coach for 11 years team for regional carnivals.

Coaches and assistant coaches are asked to state any accreditation obtained, or working towards accreditation, coaching experience and playing experience. Umpires are asked to state their National Badge, or working toward a National Badge, and umpiring experience.

Players applying for the open team to play in the NNSW W/CW Regional League can obtain a nomination form from the FNA website. All applications close on Wednesday night, and may be handed into the office at night comp or emailed to the Secretary email above.

Thank you helpers

The FNA Committee would also like to thank all the volunteers who have helped run the competition.

Thank you to the umpires who have umpired every week, so the teams had less umpiring duties.

If this help was not given to the teams, each team would have to supply 2 umpires every second week, for games to be played.

Thanks to the umpiring help, teams have only had to supply one umpire, for a maximum of four times during the full competition.

Thank you also to Vanessa, who has organised the Office duties, so games can by played on time.

Draw November 20

Ladies competition

6pm Office duty FPS Teachers

  • 6pm crt 9 Postie Hotel versus Chunky Pies (Marg Spackman/Hughes & Co)
  • 7pm crt 9 Hughes & Co versus Not Fast Just Furious (Marg Spackman/Kally Molloy)
  • 7pm crt 10 Trundle Hotel versus Ruff Nek Ring Ins (Robyn Kenny/Ally Walsh)

Mixed competition

7 pm Office duty Couples Retreat

  • 7pm crt 11 NSG to Postie versus FPS Teachers (Jack Piercy/Carmen Stephens)

8 pm Office duty Chunky Pies

  • 8pm crt 9 Couples Retreat versus Straya Mate (Carolyn Duncan/FPS Teachers)
  • 8pm crt 10 Gundamain Guns versus Van Hotel (Robyn Kenny/NSG to Postie)
  • 8pm crt 11 Aggies versus RBCC (Marg Spackman/Ruff Nek Ring Ins)
  • bye-Swampies

Robyn Kenny