Forbes sporting news | The weekend brought many things to the community, among which was some truly exhilarating golf


Results of games played Friday, November 22 and Saturday, November 23.

Under 17s

Parkes Colts 7/127 (Joseph Tanswell 26 n.o, Jack Milne 26, Liam Moody 2/7, Jacob Chambers 2/8, best fielder - Liam Moody) defeated Parkes Cats 10/103 (Hunter Hawke 21 n.o and 3/8, Harrison McGregor 16, Maddy Spence 15, Artie Watt 1/5, Ryan Mackenzie 1/5, best fielders - Harry Bayliss and Geordie Duncan).

Forbes Achesons 106 (Brady Nicholls 22, Luke McDean 12, Clinton Hooper 2/3, Pat Cormie 1/5, best fielders - Isaac Sly and Sam Bryant) defeated Forbes Engineering 98 (Tallis Hurford 19, Campbell Ruby 16, Amy Maslin 1/4, Brad Matiske 1/5, best fielders - Jack Whitty and Angus Turner). Condobolin had the bye.

Under 14s

Forbes Bernardis 3/110 (Tom Maslin 32 n.o and 1/6, Ollie Walker 24 retired, Patrick Ryan 1/4, best fielders - Ollie Walker and Tayte McNamara) defeated Parkes Colts 6/53 (Ellen Dolbel 14, Richard Gaut 7 n.o and 0/7, Jack Milne 1/9, best fielders - Ellen Dolbel and Jake Dunn).

Forbes Livestock 5/130 (Joe Ellison 31 retired, Griffin Jones 22 and 1/3, Riley Goodsell 2/15, best fielders - Harry Whitty and Luke Todd) defeated Parkes Cats 8/80 (Harry Jones 15 and 1/7, Ewan Moody 12 n.o, Harry Kennedy 1/0, best fielders - Zaviar Cheema and Zechariah Pearce). Forbes KMWL had the bye.

Under 12s

Forbes Ag'N'Vet 5/52 (Maddox Bevan 17, Sterling Francis 13) defeated Parkes Cats 5/49 (Josh Ball 10, Thomas Ball 9 and 3 wickets, Anderson Ball 1 wicket, best fielders - Bill Mahon and Callum Rowbotham).

Parkes Colts 2/81 (Harry Yelland 17 retired, Eamon Moody 11 n.o, Nina Richardson-Bartley 3/15, Henry Kross 1/3, best fielders - Thomas Simpson and Henry Kross) defeated Forbes Sportspower 6/52 (Hamish Nicholson 20, T Livermore 8, Toby Browne 1/5, Mitch Smith 1/10, best fielder - Jackson Browne).

Forbes Adept Plumbing 6/77 (Marcus Hardy 18, Isaac Page 13, Ash Kennedy 2/12, Dempsey O'Connell 1/4, best fielders - Isaac Page and Bryce Tandy) defeated Forbes Hazell & Field 4/65 (Mac Glasson 13, Cameron Gordon 12, Caden Metzeling 10, Lachlan Wallace 3/2, Gus Field 1/9, best fielders - Caden Metzeling and Leroy McNamara).

This week:

  • Saturday - All games to begin at 8.30am, players need to be there by 8.15am.

Under 17

  • Forbes Engineering versus Parkes Colts at South Circle Oval, Forbes.
  • Forbes Achesons have the bye.

Under 14s

  • Parkes Colts versus Parkes Cats at Woodward Oval, Parkes.
  • Forbes KMWL versus Forbes Livestock at Grinstead Oval, Forbes.
  • Forbes Bernardis have the bye.

Under 12s

  • Parkes Colts versus Parkes Cats at Spicer Oval, Parkes.
  • Forbes Adept Plumbing versus Forbes Ag-N-Vet at Botanical Gardens, Forbes.
  • Forbes Hazell and Field versus Forbes Sportspower at Botanical Gardens, Forbes.

Men's golf

The weekend brought many things to the community, among which was some truly exhilarating golf. The weekend golf was the Annual Deacon Dwyer Day, a 4BBB Stableford Medley, sponsored by Rod Besgrove. In all 36 pairs contested the trophy and vied for the best score of the day.

The winning pair of Nick Ryan and Jonathan Cutler seemed to play pretty steady on the front-9, which was certainly the case for most of the players. But then they sparked up on the back-nine.

Nick was a bit wayward on the front-nine, relying on partner Jonathan to keep the score ticking over. Finally Nick got his swing going and managed a tremendous drive on the 15th. His second was a shot that felt good, looked good, finished good and will always remain in the memory as a good shot. It finished barely a three feet from the pin, allowing an easy putt for an eagle and five points. In the last four holes they had amasses 15 points, helping to finish with 48 points overall.

Runners-up Hamish and Kate Steel-Park bucked the trend and had a great start, scoring 25 points on the front-nine. But apart from a par for four points on the 13th they seemed to have an average back-9 to finish with 22 points and 47 overall.

The ball sweep went to 43 points on count back, going to: 48 - N Ryan/ J Cutler; 47 - K & H Steele-Park; 46 - A Callaghan/G Newport; 45 - P Pymont/F Donohoe; 44 - P Duke/L O'Connor, N & C Duncan, P Tisdell/ J Zannes, C Alley/A Alley, N McMillan/ B Carpenter; 43 - G Webb/D McAuliffe, G Collits/ K Sanderson.

The NTP's men went to; ninth - W Judge; 18th - H Steele-Park. Despite the good scoring, only three twos were scored, and none of which went to the NTP earners. Two were scored on the third hole and one on the ninth hole.

Warwick Judge felt he was in good company playing alongside the eventual winners. Warwick and partner Jean managed the same points on the front-nine, and snared the NTP, but unfortunately were unable to match it on the back-9.

Not only did Nick and Jonathan win the day, they also managed to produce the neatest card of all on the day. Their careful consideration to placing of a 'x' in the box, and clear indication of the successful golfer on each hole made it very easy to check.

In this endeavour they were hotly pursued by the Neil McMillan who scored the card for Peter Grayson and Steve Betland. That was neat also but a few blemishes on the card itself robbed them of first place.

The Charity Day for Currajong Disability Services did not eventuate on Sunday, when instead a Stableford Medley was played. The winner on the day was Ethan Gaffney, with an easy 35 points.

Here is the News: Work is progressing on the Programme Booklet for 2020-21. With good progress this should be available by the end of January.

Once again we have entered teams in the Central West Districts Golf Association Pennant series for 2020. Players are asked consider their desire and availability to participate in this series.

Depending on overall numbers of the Clubs who nominate teams in the four Divisions, there are usually five competition rounds, one Bye and then a two week Finals series. This usually commences in Early February.

Have a good think about your availability, especially in the Division 4 Handicap bracket (above GA 17.5) and let the Club Captain know.

We are fortunate that new owners for the 'Golfie' Hotel have been found. They have indicated they will be supporting all activities as usual at the Golfie, so we as golfers can help out by supporting them.

The recent Forbes Nissan Classic was very successful, the report on which took quite a bit of column space. Some additional results from the event are: Nissan Classic Raffle - first Kane Wyourn, 0428 586 545, second Jill Cripps, third Jo Aerts 0434 623 664.

Calcutta win was shared between Howland, Dukes et al, (who 'purchased' Mitch McGlashen and Rod Besgrove for $240) and Nicole and Veronica ( who 'purchased' Shayne Sallaway and Mick Spice, $320). Both combinations scored 148 nett. Each of the winners received $1285. Thanks to all for your support for these items and the Classic in general.

Crystal Ball Time: Saturday, November 30 is an 18 Hole Stroke, sponsored by Knights Fabrications, with a Stableford Medley on Sunday December 1.

Saturday, December 7 is the Monthly Medal, which starts the "Medallist programme for 2020'. Sunday, December 8 has the Stableford Medley, and hopefully the playing of the 'AAA Cup' Playoff.

Short Putt

Ladies Golf

The last sponsored golf for 2019 was played on Wednesday, November 27 in Stableford form in one Division and this was sponsored by the great guy sat Flint Street Butchery, with Kerry supplying another cake to celebrate the months birthday girls.

The deserving winner was Julie Hurkett with 36 points and bridesmaid again Verna Lane with 34. NTP 9th Julie and 18th Barb Drabsch.

Sweep went to Verna and Kerry Stirling to 33 on a count-back. What a difference a day makes as it was a lovely cool day with no wind or dust.

Well done to all the winners over the past year and a very big thank you to all our generous sponsors. Through December, January and February there is a Ball comp every Saturday.

Our Xmas dinner is at theVan on Wednesday night at 7pm for 7.30pm and all golfers welcome but you need to get your name on the list in the locker room by the latest Monday, December 2 please.

On this date the new leaders take the Lady Golfers into 2020 for which we are very grateful, it is time consuming but they do it for the love of the game.

President is Julie Hurkett, Vice President Sarah Black, Captain Heather Davidson, Secretary Robin Lyell, Treasurer Sally Perry. Committee Teresa Armitage and Alison Kingston.Good luck to Sarah Black who heads to Sydney for Golf NSW Medal State Final on Tuesday, December 10. Wishing everyone a Green Xmas and make the most of our beautiful Forbes Golf course.

Roving Reporter

Indoor Bowls

Another close and exciting game of bowls Monday night. WD is scratching his head as to where he'd place Wise One next week. I don't think it will make any difference - he is just on a roll and playing really well.

It was lovely to have Annette join us again for a game, it doesn't take her long to get the feel of the mat. Dizzy Lizzy said she really enjoyed her game. Lizzie was up against the Sandman and they both bowled well.

Once again Melody wasn't letting WD have it all his way when it came to getting close to the jack. Ian, Annette, Kim and Sandy were the winners with 14 points. Heather, Wayne, Wendy and Liz finished with 12 points. Bowls Monday nights at the Sport and Rec, names in by 4.45pm for a 5pm start.

Wendy Burns


Another visitor graced our courts for Tuesday's Golf Croquet. We welcomed John Farah. He only played one game with John Cole as a partner for one win. There were a lot of close games, with many players in fine form. The winners of three games were:

John Cole, Geoff Coles, Merv Langfield, Evelyn Mahlo and Neville Spry.

Close Games recorded were :

  • Bill Scott 7, defeated Marie Spry 6
  • Dorelle Scott, Geoff Coles 7, defeated Elvy Quirk, Joan Littlejohn 6
  • Sandy Hepburn, Robin Pols 7, defeated Ruth Cheney, Ray Burridge 6
  • Barry White, John Cole 7, defeated Bob Murray, Lorraine Todd 6
  • Evelyn Mahlo, Merv Langfield 7, defeated Kevin Rubie, Lily Allegri 6
  • Merv Langfield, Joan Littlejohn 7, defeated Elvy Quirk, Marie Spry 6
  • Neville Spry, John Job 7, defeated Lorraine Todd, Veva MacCullagh 6
  • Colleen Liebich, Kevin Rubie 7, defeated Barry White, Bill Scott 6
  • Merv Langfield, Veva MacCullagh 7, defeated Joan Littlejohn, Bob Murray 6

Aussies Croquet November 23

A pleasant start to the day with heat not a major problem because of our early start. We welcomed two young observers namely Charlie and Ruby Spry. They watched and enjoyed their few hours with us. Players were advised that due to a planned power outage next Tuesday there would be no morning tea after the games.

The winners of three games on the day were John Cole, Veva MacCullagh and Barry White.

The closest games on the day were:

  • Barry White, John Cole 14, def Lorraine Todd, Bob Murray 12
  • Jill Rubie, Veva MacCullagh 14, def Cherylin Cole, Dorelle Scott 12
  • Lorraine Todd, Neville Spry 14, def John MacCullagh, John Job 13
  • Ray Burridge, Bill Scott 14, def Joan Littlejohn, Kevin Rubie 13
  • John Cole, Geoff Coles 14, def John Browne 13
  • Doreen Rogers, Sandy Hepburn 14, def Judy Ellis, Elizabeth McLean
  • Elvy Quirk, Marie Spry 14, def Harley Stewart, Kathleen Broderick 12
  • Bob Murray, John MacCullagh 14, def John Browne, Kathleen Broderick 13