Eugowra's heart-felt thanks to Sylvia Welsh

Sylvia Welsh and her Aunty Margaret (centre) at her farewell.
Sylvia Welsh and her Aunty Margaret (centre) at her farewell.

The St Matthew's Anglican Church community has farewelled long-time organist Sylvia Welsh.

Sylvia has been playing the organ at St Matthew's since she was 16 years of age.

Until 13 years ago she would alternate Sundays with Russell Thomas, who had also been playing at the same church since he was rather young.

Sylvia did have a few spells along the way, and of course we have to consider that she did live 12 miles out of town at Waterhole Creek.

Since Russell passed away in 2006 Sylvia has been in charge of the organ and creating the beautiful music we have enjoyed over all those years.

Last Sunday a number of the regular congregation, a few friends and ladies who had worked at the Museum with her attended the special service to say farewell to Sylvia, who, along with her husband Graham have moved to Parkes to live where they will be closer to family.

Elaine Cheney presented Sylvie with a gift from the Museum and also a beautiful leather wallet from those who were present on Sunday (and others) wishing her and Graham all the best for the future.

Rev Joy Harris also spoke and prayed for her and Graham in their new life.