Forbes sporting news | Croquet were glad to welcome a new member to the club

Improvements: Croquet members on our new ramp. Thank you Forbes Council. Photo supplied.
Improvements: Croquet members on our new ramp. Thank you Forbes Council. Photo supplied.


Golf croquet November 26: Tuesday's Golf Croquet started out well weather wise but that changed mid morning with wind and dust blowing at a rate of knots across the courts disturbing anything that was not tied down.

We were glad to welcome a new member to the club. Hello and welcome to John Farah. We hope you have many good years in the club and enjoy some of the madness within. There were only four winners of three games, namely: Merv Langfield, Joan Littlejohn, Neville Spry and Barry White.

The closest games on the day were as follows: Neville Spry, Mary Hodges 7, defeated John Browne, Marie Spry 6, Alec Todd, Bill Scott 7, defeated Elvy Quirk, Harley Stewart 6, Dorelle Scott, Kathleen Broderick 7, defeated Evelyn Mahlo, Jenny Job 6, Geoff Coles, Ray Burridge 7, defeated Bruce Field, John Job 6, Bob Murray, John Job 7, defeated Elvy Quirk, Lorraine Todd 6, Joan Littlejohn, Marie Spry 7, defeated Mary Hodges, Alec Todd 6, Merv Langfield, Libby Smart 7, defeated Evelyn Mahlo, Bruce Field 6, Joan Littlejohn, Neville Spry 7, defeated Evelyn Mahlo, Bruce field 6, Lyn Simmonds, Harley Stewart 7, defeated Marie Spry, Bill Scott 6, Kathleen Broderick, Mary Hodges 7, defeated John Job, Ray Burridge 6.

Aussie croquet November 30: Our new access ramp was met with absolute delight on Saturday. It was a great start to a good mild morning. It certainly made a big difference getting to the kitchen, toilets and other utilities. We're pleased that the toilet facilities are being upgraded also. Thank you Forbes Council. Well done to Judy Ellis who won all of her matches. It has been many years since Judy has achieved this . The winners of three games on the day were: John Browne, John Cole, Judy Ellis, Neville Spry and Harley Stewart.

The closest games on the day were: Neville Spry, Jill Rubie 14, defeated John Allegri, Kevin Rubie 12, Elvy Quirk 14, defeated Bill Scott 13, John Browne, Harley Stewart 14, defeated Bob Murray, Barry White 12, John Job, John Cole 14, defeated Doreen Rogers, Sandy Hepburn 12, Judy Ellis, John MacCullagh 14, defeated Bruce Field, Marie Spry 11, Barry White 14, defeated Kathleen Broderick 11, Judy Ellis, John Browne 14, defeated Sandy Hepburn, Bob Murray 11, Anne Stewart, Bill Scott 14, defeated Doreen Rogers, John MacCullagh 13, Bob Murray, Joan Littlejohn 14, defeated Cherylin Cole, Bruce Field 12.

Harley Stewart

Alex Jones and Haig Carlisle were named Forbes Squash's Most Improved players for 2019.

Alex Jones and Haig Carlisle were named Forbes Squash's Most Improved players for 2019.


Wednesday November 27, week nine of our Spring Comp, and Big winners, Burtons surge ahead on 217, Shaws follow on 208, then its Cannons and Bayleys. D and W Bils need big wins for a semis hope. 'Weeks Match' Jacob Cannon was 15-9, 15-10, up so Alec Walters dug deep and equalized but Jacob fought back to win 15-5. Team Results Were:

Court One; D Bilsboroughs lost to Shaws 17 to 25. Danny beat Jake 3-0. Ellie Cowhan lost to Ken Cormie 0-3, after a two set comeback Jan Berger lost set five 12-15 to Harry Toole, Angus Webb lost to Brad Hardy 0-3, Brad's Bro' Marc beat Isaac Barnard 3-1 and sub C Bayley lost to Tristan McKinnon 0-3.

Court Two; W Bilsboroughs lost to Cannons 16 to 26, all three setters. Wayne beat Chris, sub G Falvey lost to Louise Webb, George Falvey lost to Pat Cormie, Gabe M McMillan beat Kim Chudleigh, Loise Herford lost to Kasey Kinsey and Tyson McKinnon lost to Claire Bayley.

Court Three; Burtons defeated Bayleys 24 to 18. Luke beat Alex 3-0, Lara Stibbard lost to Michelle Bentick 1-3 and Ben Barnard beat Lucy Cowhan 3-1. Will Markwort found Tom Cormie too strong, losing 0-3.

Thursday evenings 'Match of the Week' Despite endless rallies and excellent squash, Darryn Piper suffered his first match loss in 'who knows how long' to rising star Lockie Miller; 11-15, 15-6, 13-15, 7-15.

Team positions; While Krosses and Sharpes were first or second from week one, late bloomers Millers have risen from the depths of last place to third, Pipers down but not out are fourth, Dawes and Hornerys will require huge efforts this week.

Team Results were: Court One; Dawes lost to Sharpes 18 to 24. Brendon Allegri lost to Alex Doyle 1-3, Jono Cannon beat Pete Thompson 3-1, sub G Coombs beat sub A Bayley 3-1, sub E Cowhan lost to Tom Mckeown 0-3, Steve Allegri lost to M Ridley 1-3 and Emily Murphy lost to Al Carlisle 1-3.

Court Two; Pipers lost all matches to Millers 19 points to 36. Dan Bayley and Ryan Smart 0-3, Den Haynes and Scott Webb 1-3, sub H Carlisle and Mark Webb 2-3, Haig Carlisle and Graham Coombs, 1-3, subs D Bryant and E Cowhan 1-3, Alex Jones and Chuds 0-3. Taylor Krauss won on forfeit.

Court Three; Krosses lost to Hornerys 22 to 27. Sub C Ridley lost to Sam 0-3, Clint Ridley beat sub P Thompson 3-0. Chris McQuie lost to Shayne Piper 1-3, Sandy Paterson lost to Hayden Williams 0-3, Jake Hemming beat Rich Plowes 3-2, Bec Connell lost to Dan Bentick 2-3 and Ben Schofield beat sub W Gordon 3-1. This Weeks Draw: Both Nights; Team 6 versus 4, 1 versus 3, 5 versus 2.

Drop Shot

Veteran's Golf

Next Tuesday social 12 hole golf organiser Geoff Drane will play Santa at the 'Bowlie' for mid-week players and he warmed up for the 'special' occasion winning the Forbes/Parkes 12 hole vets competition last Thursday with 28 points playing the Forbes course.

GD is regarded as one of the best on the greens in the Lachlan Valley and last Thursday sank a monster of 40 feet on the 4th but did follow with a missed putt from a couple of feet later in the round highlighting how cruel golf can be.

Parkes' Gordon Christie finished best to be declared runner-up with 26 points on a count-back from local members Barry Shine and Steve Uphill. Both had to settle for a ball in the sweep.

Encouragement award went to Graeme Cooke (Parkes) while in the Mick Miller shield Forbes on top with 152 points, Parkes 144. Nearest the pins, 9th A grade Alf Davies (F), B grade John O'Shannessy (P), 18th A grade Peter Barnes (F), B grade Robert Lea (P).

In pleasant conditions 37 played where the ball sweep went to 23 points, Barry and Steve on 26 plus, 25 points Alf Davies (F), Roy Bell (P), 24 Garry Collits (F), Rod Besgrove (F), Nib Dziuba (P), Tom Delminco (P), 23 Peter Barnes (F), John Dwyer (P), Robert Lea (P), John O'Shannessy (P).

Thursday's play will be over 12 holes in Parkes commemorating the life of a real gentleman, Mick Dunne. Noms from 9.30am for a 10am shot gun start.

The following week (Dec 12) will be the Christmas golf/luncheon with play here in Forbes over 18 holes. We hope the weather is on our side.

Thursday December 19 is a date to keep in mind, the Bernardi Family Supermarket sponsored Christmas Hamper comp over 12 holes for all players, ladies, men, young and old. Two grades with handicap.

Last Tuesday Barry Parkes played like a champion in the dust and wind off his revised handicap of 26 to win with 34 points from Peter Barnes and Anthony Alley, both on 29 points.

Like we said earlier, festivity celebrations for mid-week golfers next Tuesday with their their Christmas party at the 'Bowlie' after their regular 12 hole competition.

Tuesday golf in all about a social 12 holes for men and women, assemble at 9am for the a 9.30am shot gun start. For all information on golf in Forbes phone the Pro Shop on 6851 1554.