Forbes sporting news | Ladies bowls bringing Christmas cheer with their ham raffles

Winners of the ham raffle: L / R , Guilie Burton, Jeanette Curry, Trevor Curry, Kay Toohey, Burnie Symmonds.
Winners of the ham raffle: L / R , Guilie Burton, Jeanette Curry, Trevor Curry, Kay Toohey, Burnie Symmonds.

Ladies Bowls

Wednesday, December 4, mixed bowls were played in beautiful weather with a good roll up of men and women enjoying social bowls followed by a lovely lunch of salads and sweets prepared by the Ladies, Prawns and Ham provided by the Men what a great treat, thanks to all involved in organising such a wonderful day.

Five hams were raffle the lucky winners were ,Guilie Burton, Jeanette Curry, Trevor Curry, Kay Toohey, Burnie Symonds Congratulations on your win.

Birthdays for December are; Jillian Taylor the 13th, Lesley Dunstan the 14th, Noella Girot the 18th, Irene Riley the 27th, and Alice Allen the 28th Happy Birthday to all these wonderfull Ladies who give their time to help out all year long.

REMINDERS; the Ladies Xmas Lunch will held at the Club 12pm on Wednesday the 11th. Presentation Day on Sunday the 15th will be for both men and women who have won awards through the year, everyone is welcome to attend.

Ladies Bowls will resume on Wednesday, January 15, 2020. Rosters for January; Social Selectors; Noella Girot and JillTaylor. Morning Tea; M Everson and P Stevens. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Glenys Ryan


Last Wednesday December 4, was last round of our Spring Comp. Four top teams are; Burtons 237 points, Shaws 230, Cannons 222 and D Bils 190.

Bayleys and D Bils vied for fourth spot but D Bil's win over W Bils gave them enough points leaving Bayleys fifth on 187. W Bils earned insufficient points so remain sixth on 178.

This Week's Semis Draw is Burtons versus D Bils, Shaws versus Cannons. 'Weeks Match' Lindy Cowhan showed she's still got it, beating Louise Webb; 13-15, 15-11, 15-13, 15-9.

Team Results: Court One; Bayleys lost to Cannons 16 to 26. Sub Coombsy lost to Chris 2-3, sub L Stibbard lost to Louise Webb 1-3, sub G Falvey lost to Pat Cormie 0-3, Isaac Berger lost to Kasey Kinsey 1-3 and Tom Cormie beat Claire Bayley 3-0.

Court Two; W Bils lost to D Bils 20 to 22. Wayne beat Danny 3-0, George Falvey lost to Jan Berger 1-3, subs B Hardy and Alec Walters 3-1, Louise Herford lost to Marc Hardy 0-3, Tyson McKinnon lost to sub Claire Bayley 0-3.

Court Three; Shaws beat Burtons 22 to 20. Jake lost to Luke 1-3, Ken Cormie beat Lara Stibbard 3-0, Harry Toole beat Ben Barnard 3-0, Brad Hardy lost to Jacob Cannon 0-3, sub T Cormie beat Jono Webb 3-0 and sub Tyson McKinnon lost to Will Markwort 0-3. T

hursday's top four are; Sharpes 279, Krosses 272, Millers 258, Pipers 351. Hornerys 235 and Dawes 232 failed for semis contention.

Semis Draw is Sharpes versus Pipers, Krosses versus Millers. Match of the Week' had to be Kingy's 'Hot Shot' come back at two sets down to beat Ryan Smart 15-10, 16-14, 15-6.

Team Results: Court One; Hornerys defeated Millers 26 points to 23. Sam lost to Lockie 0-3, Shayne Piper beat Scott Webb 3-2, Hayden Williams beat Mark Webb 3-1, Rich Plowes beat Graham Coombs 3-2, Dan Bentick beat Jack Ridley 3-0 and sub Ellie Cowhan lost to Adam Chudleigh 1-3.

Court Two; Pipers defeated Dawes 21 points to 20. Darryn beat Ollie, after an hour of what can only be described as phenomenal squash.

Den Haynes lost to Jono Cannon 0-3, Haig Carlisle lost to Henry Kross 2-3, Judy Kross lost to Sreve Allegri 1-3 and sub Ben Robinson lost to Sam Mackay 2-3.

Court Three; Sharpes defeated Krosses 33 to 16. Sub D Piper beat Jay 3-0, Alex Doyle beat sub Kingy 3-2, Pete Cowhan beat Sandy Paterson 3-2, sub H Carlisle beat Jake Hemming 3-0, Max Ridley beat Bec Connell in a fantastic five setter; 13-15, 18-16, 16-14, 14-16, 15-13 and Al Carlisle beat Ben Schofield 3-0.

Drop Shot


Golf Croquet December 3: It was good to see another good turnout for our Tuesday's golf croquet. It was a good performance by our newest member John Farah who won two games out of three.

In these two matches he was partnered by seasoned players Bruce Field and Kevin Rubie. The winners of three games on the day were:

Bruce Field, Bob Murray, Kevin Rubie, Jill Rubie and Alec Todd.

Closest scores were:

Geoff Coles, John Cole 7, defeated jenny Job, Merv Langfield 6

Alec Todd, John Job 7, defeated Colleen Liebich, Sandy Hepburn 6

Harley Stewart 7, defeated Marie Spry 6

Barry White, Kevin Rubie 7, defeated Evelyn Mahlo, John MacCullagh 6

Bob Murray, Jill Rubie 7, defeated John Browne, Tony Thomson 6

Alec Todd, Bill Scot 7, defeated John Cole, Barry White 6

John Browne, John Cole 7, defeated Elvy Quirk, Harley Stewart 6

Evelyn Mahlo, Kevin Ruby 7, defeated Dorelle Scott, Joan Littlejohn 6

Results Aussie Croquet December 7: A grand morning, no wind or dust and a nice little chill in the air when out of the sun.

Fewer numbers than usual graced the courts today as we play the last day for the yearly points in readiness for our awards for the season.

Play continues until the Christmas break with the last day being December 21, followed by a sausage sizzle lunch.

There were four winners of three matches today. The winners were John Browne, Geoff Coles. Veva MacCullagh and Bill Scott..

Closest games were:

Dorelle Scott, John Browne 14, defeated Doreen Rogers, Harley Stewart 11

Lyn Simmonds, Bill Scott 14, defeated Kathleen Broderick, Marie Spry 10

Kevin Rubie 14, defeated John Cole, John MacCullagh 12

Merv Langfield, Veva MacCullagh 14 defeated Anne Stewart, Cherylin Cole 11

Lyn Simmonds 14 defeated Dorelle Scott, Sandy Hepburn 11

Doreen Rogers, Geoff Coles 14, defeated Merv Langfield, Bob Murray 12

Joan Littlejohn, Cherylin Cole 14, defeated Harley Stewart, Bob Murray 13

John Cole, Veva MacCullagh 14, defeated Jill Rubie, Kevin Rubie 11

Marie Spry, John MacCullagh 14, defeated Kathleen Broderick, Barry White 11

Elvy Quirk, Doreen Rogers 14, defeated Joan Littlejohn, Lorraine Todd 13

Bill Scott, Harley Stewart 14, defeated Lyn Simmonds, Kathleen Broderich 11

John MacCullagh, Merv Langfield 14, defeated Jill Rubie, Sandy Hepburn 11

Geoff Coles, John Cole 14, defeated Marie Spry, Barry white 11

John Browne, Veva MacCullagh 14, defeated Kevin Rubie, Bob Murray 11

Anne Stewart

Veteran's Golf

Veteran golfers from Forbes and Parkes gathered in Parkes last Thursday to play 12 holes in the Mick Dunne Memorial which was taken out by local member Graham Cooke with 26 points on a count-back from fellow member Csaba Belley.

Encouragement award went to Parkes' John Davies while the home club took all awards with best points in the Mick Miller shield on 148 points to Forbes' 131.

Nearest the pins, 4th A grade Barry Parker (F), B grade John Pearce (P), 11th A grade Nym Dziuba (P), B grade Tom Delminico (P).

Ball sweep to 23 points, 25 points Nym Dziuba (P), 24 Ted Morgan (F), Michael Lynch (P), Tom Delminico (P), 23 Alan Afflick (P), Dub Rodgers (P), Phil Bishop (P).

'Twin Towns' vets will gather in Forbes on Thursday to play 18 holes with noms from 9.30am for a 10am shot gun start which will be followed by their annual Christmas dinner/party.

Christmas festivities will also be held today for mid-week golfers with Tuesday social 12 hole players gathering at the 'Bowlie' after play where organiser Geoff Drane will play the role of Santa for regular players.

Last Tuesday today's Santa GD was best with 31 points from Graham Howe and Ken Sanderson, both finishing on 30 points.

Tuesday golf in all about a social 12 holes for men and women, assemble at 9am for the a 9.30am shot gun start. For all information on golf in Forbes phone the Pro Shop on 6851 1554.

Note for all golfers - A chance to win a Christmas hamper courtesy Bernardi Family Supermarket.

Thursday, December 19 a 12 hole competition will be played with all golfers, ladies, men, young and old, invited to try their luck. Nominations from 9am for a 9.30am shot gun start, two grades with handicap.