Water supply secure, but keep up the good work with restrictions

Forbes Mayor Phyllis Miller wants the community and visitors alike to understand the shire is not running out of water, but has congratulated residents on complying with current water restrictions.

"Forbes is situated in a very unique position along the Lachlan River and with the current Wyangala Dam water releases of 900ML/day our town residents can be assured the current water restrictions will look after us well into 2020 despite zero inflows," Mayor Miller said in a council media release issued this week.

Forbes' water supply is designed to be secure and with the current prolonged drought conditions the council says it is monitoring the water levels constantly.

The community has responded well to the current Level 1 restrictions and Council is looking to continue with this level if everyone maintains their current usage.

"I must commend all of our residents on their use of our precious resource," Mayor Miller said.

"We ask everyone to keep up the good work as we head into another hot summer. Limit watering to before 9am in the morning and after 6pm at night."

Wyangala Dam dipped below 15 per cent capacity this week.

Council has groundwater supplies it can draw from to help compliment water flows from the Lachlan River should the extreme conditions continue.

"The announcement of continued water releases is great news for our townspeople, but the situation is still dire for our farmers," Mayor Miller said.

A council decision to allow the shire's rural residents to access bulk town water for free for their home tanks has been well received in recent months.

Since May 1, the council has issued 27 keys to the Lachley Street standpipe to farmers.

Other keys have also been purchased by contractors so they can deliver water to farmers.

Forbes Council is also looking to innovative ways to water local sporting fields and parks with high quality recycled water, ensuring playing fields are of a suitable standard for summer sports to be played.

Forbes is on Level 1 water restrictions and the mayor has commended people for their compliance.

Forbes is on Level 1 water restrictions and the mayor has commended people for their compliance.